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Name that Actor! Third Time's a Charm!

Created by simplyashez

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Name that Actor Third Times a Charm game quiz
"This is the third quiz in my "Name that Actor!" series. But once again, for those of you who missed the first two, I will explain! In this quiz, I will give you a few names each actor went by in various movies, you tell me the actor."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who played Edward in "Edward Scissorhands" (1990), Roux in "Chocolat" (2000) and Jack in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies (2003, 2006, 2007)?
    Tom Hanks
    Jim Carrey
    Robin Williams
    Johnny Depp

2. Who played Mary in "Mary Poppins" (1964), Maria in "The Sound of Music" (1965) and Clarisse in "The Princess Diaries" movies (2001, 2004)?
    Angelina Jolie
    Jodie Foster
    Helen Hunt
    Julie Andrews

3. Who played Ace in the "Ace Ventura" movies (1994, 1995), Truman in "The Truman Show" (1998) and Bruce in "Bruce Almighty" (2003)?
    Tom Cruise
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Will Smith
    Jim Carrey

4. Who played Molly in "Ghost" (1990), Jordan in "G.I. Jane" (1997) and Madison in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" (2003)?
    Julie Andrews
    Demi Moore
    Eva Mendes
    Megan Fox

5. Who played James in the "Men in Black" movies (1997, 2002), Del in "I, Robot" (2004) and Robert in "I Am Legend" (2007)?
    Will Smith
    Brad Pitt
    Sylvester Stallone
    Antonio Banderas

6. Who played Sally in "When Harry Met Sally" (1989), Annie in "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993) and Kathleen in "You've Got Mail" (1998)?
    Halle Berry
    Michelle Pfeiffer
    Kate Beckinsale
    Meg Ryan

7. Who played Louis in "Interview with the Vampire" (1994), Tyler in "Fight Club" (1999) and John in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (2005)?
    Denzel Washington
    Jackie Chan
    Orlando Bloom
    Brad Pitt

8. Who played Gail in "The River Wild" (1994), Miranda in "The Devil Wears Prada" (2006) and Julia in "Julie & Julia" (2009)?
    Uma Thurman
    Demi Moore
    Liv Tyler
    Meryl Streep

9. Who played Lee in the "Rush Hour" movies (1998, 2001, 2007), Chon in "Shanghai Knights" (2003) and Bob in "The Spy Next Door" (2010)?
    George Clooney
    Matt Damon
    Kevin Costner
    Jackie Chan

10. Who played Honey in "Honey" (2003), Sue in the "Fantastic Four" movies (2005, 2007) and Cam in "Good Luck Chuck" (2007)?
    Jennifer Aniston
    Jessica Alba
    Charlize Theron
    Jennifer Lopez

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Compiled Oct 02 13