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The Twilight Saga - New Moon [2]

Created by Redvixen

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The Twilight Saga  New Moon 2 game quiz
"This is the follow up to my first "New Moon" quiz for all you "Twilight" addicts, like myself, out there. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What gift does Emmett give Bella for her birthday?
    Car Stereo
    A necklace

2. Who in the Cullen coven stayed previously with the Volturi coven for a short period?

3. When Edward arrives at Forks High School on Bella's birthday, he wishes her "Happy Birthday". She is not impressed at getting older, especially older than Edward. She says to Edward, "It's one year older than you". What does Edward say when she expresses this to him?
    "Yes, but I love older women."
    "No, it isn't - as a vampire I don't age."
    "Yes, but you still look so young."
    "No it isn't. I'm 109."

4. What special gift/power does Jasper possess?
    Seeing the future
    Mood control

5. What is the main reason Edward does not want Bella turned into a vampire?
    He thinks that he is not strong enough to resist drinking all her blood whilst trying to turn her into a vampire.
    He does not want to be with her forever.
    He feels vampires are damned and he is trying to save her soul.
    He thinks once a vampire, Bella will have no control and will randomly attack humans.

6. What happened to Emily's face to cause the scars?
    The vampire Victoria attacked her.
    Sam lost his temper and phazed into a wolf too close to her and his claws scratched her face.
    She was born with them, a kind of birth mark.
    She was attacked by a bear whilst out hiking.

7. What book is on Bella's bed at the beginning of the movie?
    Romeo and Juliet
    Wuthering Heights

8. What is the name of the bar where Bella meets the biker gang?
    Joe Cools
    One Eyed Pete's

9. Who says, "Don't worry about the bears Bella. My Kung Fu is strong."?
    Harry Clearwater
    Edward Cullen
    Jacob Black
    Charlie Swan

10. Alice has a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff into the sea, and she understands it to mean that Bella is going to commit suicide. After Alice finds out Bella is still alive, what does she attribute her vision's inaccuracy to?
    She can't see visions clearly when at a great distance from the subject of her visions.
    She is losing her powers.
    The werewolves block her visions.
    She had a headache which inhibited her visions.

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Compiled Apr 07 13