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Australian Prime Ministers

Created by Paul1405

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Australian Prime Ministers game quiz
"This quiz covers some interesting facts about Australia's Prime Ministers, from Edmund Barton in 1901 to Kevin Rudd in 2010."

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1. Edmund Barton, Australia's first Prime Minister was a member of which political party?
    Protectionist Party
    Australian Labor Party
    Free Trade Party
    Country Party

2. When he retired, which PM became Australia's longest serving Prime Minister?
    Robert Menzies
    Billy Hughes
    Alfred Deakin
    Bob Hawke

3. Which Prime Minister married Enid Muriel Burnell in 1915?
    Joseph Lyons
    John Curtin
    James Scullin
    Ben Chifley

4. Which of these prime ministers was born in South Australia?
    Andrew Fisher
    Bob Hawke
    Joseph Cook
    Malcom Fraser

5. With the death of John Curtin, who served as Australia's Prime Minister for only 8 days in July 1945?
    John McEwen
    Earl Page
    Frank Forde
    Arthur Fadden

6. At the federal election held on 24th November 2007, Prime Minister John Howard lost his seat in Parliament; only the second PM to do so. Who was the first?
    Gough Whitlam
    Billy Hughes
    Stanley Bruce
    Earl Page

7. What was Ben Chifley's occupation before becoming Prime Minister (before politics)?
    Coal Miner
    Engine Driver

8. Which of these prime ministers were born in Scotland?
    Alfred Deakin and Stanley Bruce
    George Reid and Andrew Fisher
    Joseph Cook and James Scullin
    Edmund Barton and Chris Watson

9. Which Prime Minister said "The recession we had to have."?
    Bob Hawke
    Paul Keating
    John Howard
    Malcolm Fraser

10. Gough Whitlam was dismissed from the office of Prime Minister, by the Governor General John Kerr in 1975. On what day did this event take place?
    Remembrance Day
    Empire Day
    Valentine's Day
    Australia Day

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