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Red in the Face!

Created by Nightmare

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Cincinnati Reds
Red in the Face game quiz
"A look back at the franchise of the Cincinnati Reds. I hope that you enjoy it. :)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of these team names was never used by the Cincinnati franchise?
    Red Stockings
    Red Caps

2. The Reds would have to wait until 1938 to see a Cincinnati player win the MVP Award for the first time. Who was this Hall of Fame catcher?
    Ernie Lombardi
    Bill Freehan
    Yogi Berra
    Thurman Munson

3. When the Reds appeared in their first World Series, they won it all, but not without controversy. The series was marked with alleged gambling, game-fixing, and payoffs. Which year was this that was called, 'The Black Sox Scandal'?

4. In 1988, who threw Cincinnati's first-ever perfect game?
    Dean Chance
    Joaquin Andujar
    Tom Browning
    Johnny Vander Meer

5. Who was the first Reds player to hit 50 home runs in a season?
    George Foster
    Dave Concepcion
    Pete Rose
    Frank Robinson

6. The Reds moved into Crosley Field in 1912, and stayed there for 58 years. Where did they play their home games prior?
    Miller Park
    Three Rivers Stadium
    Polo Grounds
    Palace of the Fans

7. Which Reds player was the first to win a Rookie of the Year Award?
    Joe Nuxhall
    Rob Dibble
    Bernie Carbo
    Frank Robinson

8. When did this 20th Century franchise first begin play in a professional and sanctioned league?

9. This decade saw the Reds go to four World Series, and win two of them consecutively. Which decade was this?

10. Which of these Reds pitchers retired with the most career strikeouts for the team?
    Jim O'Toole
    Jim Maloney
    Mel Queen
    Gary Nolan

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Compiled Jun 28 12