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Just Play the Game Already!

Created by leith90

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Just Play the Game Already game quiz
"Growing up in Australia, school lunchtimes were spent outside in the playground, playing a myriad of games. Join me on a trip down memory lane and into a cyber playground to see what's being played. Last one there's a rotten egg!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A group of girls are playing a game with a stretchy cord held by two people. The other take turns to tangle themselves up in the cord and jump out again. What are they playing?
    Bungee Jumping

2. A short way over, a few girls are throwing stones into a grid drawn on the ground, then hopping around the squares and picking up the stones. This game you know is called Kith-Kith in India and Escargot in France, but what is it called in Australia?

3. Down on the oval, you can see two lines of children holding hands. One person on a team gets called over, and tries to run through the line of the other team. This continues until there is only one team left. What do you think this game is?
    Alphabet Game
    Last Man Standing
    Red Rover

4. Another game has a group of children sneaking up on one whose back is turned. They obviously don't have watches, because they keep asking the leader what the time is. After a short while, he turns and chases all the other children. What is this game?
    Red Riding Hood Chase
    Time Change
    Blind Man's Bluff
    What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?

5. Wandering further around the playground, you see another game in progress. Two children have kinked their hands in the air, forming an arch overhead. They are chanting while other children take turns to walk through the arch. Eventually they drop their arms trapping a person inside. What are they chanting?
    Apples and Oranges
    Deadman Hangman
    Bells and Whistles
    Oranges and Lemons

6. Feeling queasy after realising what the last group of children were chanting, you head back up to the school buildings to find some more sedate games. You come across a group of girls taking turns bouncing a tennis ball against a wall in different ways. They seem to be counting down while they bounce, and you remember the name of this game. What game are the girls playing?
    Sock and Ball

7. There seems to be a craze on because you see a large group of children jumping around spinning a rope and chanting, "Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around". What are they playing?
    Skipping / Jump Rope
    Hide and Seek
    Teddy Bear's Picnic

8. You go under cover now to get out of the sun and see a group of children with paper and pencils. One child calls out different letters while the other marks something on the paper. After a while there's a cry of "You're hung". What gruesome sounding game is this?
    Alphabet Russian Roulette
    Alphabet Noose
    Kim's Game

9. You hear lots of shouting from around the corner where you see a group of boys pushing and shoving. On closer inspection, you realise they're playing a game with two teams, a ball and a three walled alcove. While not Olympic standards, the boys are giving their all. What do you think they are playing?

10. Teams or order of play was sorted out by using "Eeny, meeny, miny moe" when I was at school. A more modern way is by forming your hand into one of three shapes. What is the name of this tiebreaker that has become a game in its own right?
    Scissors, Paper, Rock
    Hands Down
    Three Little Pigs
    Hand Origami

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Compiled Jun 28 12