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San Marino: The Ancient Republic

Created by Snowman

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San Marino The Ancient Republic game quiz
"San Marino is a country that is small in size but large in history. The republic entered the 21st century as the oldest sovereign state in the world. Come inside and discover something of its long history."

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1. San Marino takes its name from its founder, Marinus of Rab. The stonecutter founded the republic in 301 A.D after fleeing his home island to take up work in rebuilding the city walls of Rimini in Italy. Shortly after his arrival, Marinus was sent to the area which now bears his name to gather the stone needed for the walls. From which modern day country did Marinus, also known as Marinus the Dalmatian, originally hail?

2. San Marino has an enviable record of peace and harmony throughout most of its existence. This harmonious history is reflected in the full official title of the republic. What is the full name?
    The Most Triumphant Republic of San Marino
    The Most Serene Republic of San Marino
    The Most Trustworthy Republic of San Marino
    The Most Elevated Republic of San Marino

3. In 1463, the towns of Fiorentino, Montegiardino and Serravalle were gifted to San Marino by Pope Pius II, in recognition of the republic's support for the Papacy in its battles against the Duke of Rimini. These towns represented the first new territories added to San Marino since its founding more than a millennium earlier. Prior to these gifts, the territory consisted solely of the land around which mountain?
    Monte Titano
    Monte Erebus
    Monte Etna
    Monte St Helena

4. As Italy moved towards unification in the 19th century, San Marino acted as a place of sanctuary for those evading the grip of the occupying Austrians. As reward for providing this refuge, the architect of Italian unification allowed San Marino to remain geographically within, but politically outside, of the new nation. Who was this man who ensured San Marino's continuing independence?
    Giuseppe Garibaldi
    The Duke of Bourbon
    Vittorio Emanuele
    Benito Mussolini

5. San Marino demonstrates that "government founded on republican principles is capable of being so administered as to be secure and enduring." So said the now-revered president of his own troubled republic on being made an honorary Sammarinese. Who was the politician whom, in 1861, was made San Marino's first honorary citizen in recognition of his fight against slavery?
    William Wilberforce
    Abraham Lincoln
    Jean Boucaux
    Simon Bolivar

6. San Marino declared itself neutral at the outbreak of World War I. However, in the course of the war Austria broke off diplomatic relations with the republic. Why?
    10 Sammarinese signed up to fight in the Italian army
    10 Austrian troops were shot dead for stealing Sammarinese food
    10 Austrian troops were arrested for trespassing on Sammarinese land
    10 Sammarinese operated a Red Cross field hospital on the Italian front

7. Despite its government's close association with Fascist Italy, San Marino played little part in the battles of World War II. This changed in 1944 as Germany began a fighting retreat from Italy. In September of that year came the Battle of San Marino, part of Operation Olive, the allied attempt to break the German defensive line. In an attempt to obscure the value of this front, Hitler had changed its name to the Green Line. By what name had it been known prior to this?
    Southern Front
    Papal Line
    Gothic Line
    Balkan Line

8. After the years of Fascist rule, San Marino finally had a general election at the end of World War II. What political first could San Marino lay claim to as a result of the election of 1945?
    It had the world's first government democratically elected with 100% of the popular vote
    It had the world's first democratically elected Communist government
    It had the world's first female head of state
    It had the first government elected by universal suffrage

9. Though San Marino is not rich in natural resources, there is one commodity from the country that is much sought after around the world. After tourism, it represents the second largest contributor to its GDP. What does San Marino produce that is so popular?
    Fish Fingers
    Sports Cars

10. Being a small country, San Marino has an unsurprisingly unremarkable sporting history. However, in the course of a football match with England in 1993, San Marino became world record holders. What, given the opposition, was the remarkable and unexpected record that they set?
    They set a new attendance record for an international fixture
    They suffered the heaviest defeat in football history
    They scored the fastest goal in international football history
    They received the most red cards ever given in a single game

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