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These Puns Don't Belong in a Museum

Created by geniusonwheels

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These Puns Dont Belong in a Museum game quiz
"In this quiz, you have to figure out the phrase I'm going for that will feature the name of a famous artist. Groaning is guaranteed."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. For example: If the clue was "At the sports arena, there was the painting of 'The Burial of the Count of Orgaz' next to the place where they play this action-filled sport", the answer would be "El Greco-Roman wrestling". Yeah, I didn't say it would be easy or funny. I will provide number of letters for each answer.

Pre-Civil War was one of the most gothic times in American history. When General Robert E. Lee refused to serve for the North because he couldn't fight against his Virginia, President Lincoln asked him who would fight for the North. General Lee simply responded...
    Answer: (Two Words (5,4))

2. When I walked up to the artist of "The Persistence of Memory", I greeted him by saying...
    Answer: (Two Words (5,4))

3. While I was walking down the city street, I saw something fly over ahead. People around me were shouting phrases like "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" "It's a luncheon on the grass!" "No, it's...
    Answer: (One Words (10))

4. When the landscaper mowed a replica of "Nighthawks" into a customer's lawn by setting the blades correctly, you could say it was a...
    Answer: (Two Words (5,6))

5. US presidents have not always have been in the best of health. Chester A. Arthur contracted Bright's disease. William Henry Harison and Warren G. Harding died from pneumonia. George Washington famously had a terrible set of teeth. But, the 7th president of the United States had a very rotten set of teeth, with it possibly looking like a bunch of different colors on a blank surface. Bad hygiene and not cleaning his teeth led for some of the dentists of the era to name anyone who had teeth that bad to have...

Note: The second word is NOT the name of an artist, but is similar.

Hint: This question number refers to a painting by the artist
    Answer: (Two Words (7,6))

6. The art peddler was trying to get people to buy replicas of the sculpture 'Perseus with the head of Medusa', but he just couldn't seem to...
    Answer: (One Word (7))

7. It was a comeback like no other at the 114th Annual International Artistry Games. The French had been the team to beat for the last 50 years, but even small teams like Spain had come back with rookie P. Picasso scoring continuously through 7 periods. Team USA (sponsored by Coca-Cola and Campbell's soups) was down in the rankings for a long time. While most of the team was discouraged, the team captain stepped up and gave an amazing pep talk.

"Look guys. I know we aren't winning. Just because the Greek team is getting old school and the Italian team seems to have a Renaissance going for them, we can still win. We need to put a little "pop" back into the "art". We just have to get our heads together, our paintbrushes clean, and remember that we are a team. Just remember that...
    Answer: (Four Words (6,2,4,8))

8. It starts 5 miles northwest of Julian, California and flows 52 miles throughout the southern part of the state. The river passes by Qualcomm Stadium and a large mural depicting the history of the city with respects to its Hispanic origins. The native Californians call this body of water the...
    Answer: (Three Words (3,5,6))

9. I'm not a fan of the vampire Cullen or the werewolf Black from "Twilight", but I do like "The Scream", which would probably make me part of...
    Answer: (Two Words (4,6))

10. To round out this quiz, you have to fill in the blanks of this with the names of three European Impressionist or Post-Impressionist painters to complete this final groan.

Art (a person's name) has had bad strokes of luck, and now is almost bankrupt. He decides that the only way he can get some funds is to steal. He discovers the local art museum has some paints on display that would be worth a lot on the black market. One night, Art parked his vehicle in front of the art museum at 2 a.m. He broke into the museum, found the paintings he needed, brought them back out to his ride, and loaded them up. As he put the keys into the ignition, he noticed that it wasn't starting, and that one of the dashboard measures was pointing to 'E'. It was a perfect plan Art had, but unfortunately, he didn't have the ____ to buy ___ to make the ___.

Note: If the answer was Apple, Banana, and Cookies, you would put the answer as 'Apple Banana Cookies'. Be sure the answers are in the right order. One of the artist is more than one word.
    Answer: (Four Words)

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Compiled Jun 28 12