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The Big Bang And Other "Quarks Of Fate"

Created by richicago

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The Big Bang And Other Quarks Of Fate game quiz
"The "Big Bang" is one of several theories about how our universe began and how it continues to evolve. This quiz is based upon the best selling book by Professor Stephen W. Hawking: "A Brief History Of Time"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The basis for the Big Bang theory was provided by the observations of this noted astronomer:
    Edwin Hubble
    Ben Franklin
    Ludwig Von Drake

2. Force carrying particles can be grouped into four categories according to the strength of the force that they carry and the particles with which they interact. Which is NOT one of these categories?
    Super Nuclear Force
    Electromagnetic Force
    Gravitational Force
    Weak Nuclear Force

3. Just at the moment of the "Big Bang", according to theory the universe was thought to be the size of:
    Yankee Stadium
    The Universe
    Nothing but Pure Energy
    A Galaxy

4. A part of this Einstein theory is based on the idea that "The laws of science should be the same for all observers, no matter how they are moving".
    General Relativity
    Quantum Mechanics
    Brownian Motion
    Spatial dimension

5. There is also a theory that the universe will end with a "Big Crunch".

6. According to the Theory Of Relativity, what makes a black hole black?
    Lack of sunlight
    non-payment of electric bills

7. When a particle collides with its anti-particle, what is created?
    Sonic Booms
    A Sonic Boom
    Black Holes

8. What is an event horizon?
    The boundary of a black hole
    The splitting of an atom
    The farthest away we can see a nebula
    The explosion of a star

9. The study of the universe as a whole is defined as:

10. Protons and neutrons are composed of how many quarks each?

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Compiled Nov 22 14