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What Would Mother Think?

Created by Rowena8482

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What Would Mother Think game quiz
"All the mothers in this quiz had children who made a name for themselves one way or another. How many of them do you recognise from my clues?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. We will never know what Klara Pölzl woulld have thought about her fourth child's rise to fame, as she died when he was just eighteen years old. He was one of four boys and two girls born to Klara and her husband Alois between 1885 and 1896. Only two of the six siblings lived to adulthood, and daughter Paula died in 1960. Who was the son of Klara, and brother of Paula, who made history?
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    Erwin Rommel
    Sigmund Freud
    Adolf Hitler

2. Corsican Maria Letizia Ramolino never went to school, and she was married when she was aged just fourteen. She gave birth to thirteen children over the next twenty years, of whom eight survived into adulthood. By dint of her third son's rise to fame, many of his siblings also found high positions and wealth, and they are remembered as a history making dynasty. Given her title of "Madame Mère de l'Empéreur" we can surmise that she was proud of her most famous son. Who was he?
    Otto I
    Napoleon I

3. This mother had ten children in total, from two marriages. After the annulment of her first marriage, custody of her two daughters was awarded to their father, and she was forced to leave them behind when she eventually wound up living in another country. Two of her daughters were to become queens, and three of her sons were crowned as King of England; we know she thought highly of her sons, and poorly of her second husband, as she led four of them in rebellion against their father.
Who was she?
    Mathilda of Anjou
    Phillippa of Hainault
    Isabella of Blois
    Eleanor of Aquitaine

4. A woman called Putlibai was the fourth wife of her husband Karamchand, and raised their son in the Jain traditions of the area where they lived. Her son would one day become known worldwide and be called "Bapu" or "Father" in their native language, but she died before this happened. Sometimes called "The Father of the Nation", who was her son?
    Gengis Khan
    Siddharta Gautama
    Hirohito of Japan
    Mohandas Gandhi

5. Jennie Jerome, of Rochester, New York, was a wealthy and beautiful socialite who went on to marry the son of the 7th Duke of Marlborough. She had two children, although the parentage of the youngest, John, has been the subject of much conjecture over the years as she was (in)famous for her extra-marital affairs!
Her oldest child played a pivotal role in historic events that changed the world, and she was one of their most ardent supporters throughout. Who was her first born child?
    Neil Armstrong
    Winston Churchill
    Amelia Earhart
    Wallis Simpson

6. Although she was born Kattie B. Screws, her father later changed the spelling of the family name; when she was four years old she was renamed Katherine Esther Scruse. She underwent a religious conversion when she was 35.
After her marriage at the age of nineteen, she had ten children over the next seventeen years; seven sons and three daughters. Of her nine children who survived to adulthood, it was her sixth son who garnered the most fame, notoriety, and public attention, although all nine siblings were famous to a degree.
Who was her sixth son?
    Donny Osmond
    Michael Jackson
    Edward Kennedy
    Richard Nixon

7. Vernita Lee was from a poor family who lived in Mississippi State. When she was just a teenager, a one night stand led to her giving birth to her only daughter, who she originally named for a woman she read about in her Bible. From these humble beginnings, her daughter went on to become one of the most influential women of her time, gaining power, wealth, and fame. Who was this famous daughter?
    Dr. Ruth Westheimer
    Oprah Winfrey
    Esther Williams
    Naomi Campbell

8. Mary Maxwell was a school teacher who was eventually appointed as the first female director of the First Interstate Bank of Washington. She had three children, daughters Kristianne and Libby, and one son, William Henry. Her son was one of the founders of one of the most sucessful businesses ever. Which company was this?
    Ford Motor Company

9. German born Pauline Koch married a man named Hermann when she was eighteen years old, and they had a son and a daughter, Maria, together. Her son would grow up to make scientific discoveries that would change the world forever. Who was he?
    Robert Koch
    Albert Einstein
    Nils Bohr
    Erwin Schrödinger

10. Julia Stanley had four children, one son and three daughters, by three different fathers. Her first husband was a sailor who went missing, leaving her to care for their young son alone. Unable to cope, Julia gave the boy into the care of her sister Mary, who raised him. In later life he was one of the most influential singer/songwriters of all time, revered by his fans around the world. Who was her famous son?
    Elvis Presley
    John Lennon
    Barry Manilow
    Leonard Cohen

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