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Season 3: The First 15 Episodes

Created by Pejikr

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Season 3 The First 15 Episodes game quiz
"When Leonard and Howard get girls, Sheldon teaches Penny about physics, and Leonard goes to Switzerland, things start to feel like the first fifteen episodes of season 3. "

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1. In the first episode of the season, "The Electric Can Opener fluctuation", why did Sheldon go to stay at his mother's home in Texas?
    To take care of her when she was ill
    To help plan her funeral
    To get away from the guys after they deceived him
    To work at a new job near her home

2. Howard and Sheldon bet their most valuable comic books on the species of a cricket in episode 2, "The Jiminy Conjecture". What species of cricket did Howard believe it was?
    Sword-tail cricket
    Snowy tree cricket
    Common field cricket
    Bush cricket

3. In episode 3, "The Gothowitz Deviation", Sheldon told Penny some of his rules. When she followed them, what did Penny get from Sheldon?
    M & Ms

4. Who was going to be deported unless he/she found a job in episode 4, "The Pirate Solution?"

5. "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary" was the fifth episode of the season. During the episode, Howard went out with a girl named Bernadette. What finally started their conversation?
    Problems with their mothers
    Love of "Star Trek"
    Love of science
    Being unsuccessful with their previous relationships

6. In episode 6, "The Cornhusker Vortex", Raj became angry at Howard after losing his kite to Sheldon. What landmark did Raj and Howard visit at the end of the episode?
    Griffith Observatory
    La Brea Tar Pits
    Staples Center
    Hollywood Boulevard

7. "The Guitarist Amplification" premiered on November 9th, 2009 and was the seventh episode of the third season. What was the name of Penny's friend who was the cause of an argument between Leonard and Penny?

8. The eighth episode of season 3, "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency", premiered on November 16th, 2009. The episode showed us a different side of Sheldon. Why did he have to help Penny?
    Penny got jumped
    Penny forget her uniform
    Penny needed a loan
    Penny slipped in the shower

9. In "The Vengeance Formulation", which was the season's 9th episode, how did Sheldon's talk on National Public Radio not go well?
    The connection wasn't stable, and it frequently broke down
    Sheldon accidentally said a very racist thing
    A voice in the background kept interrupting
    Sheldon's voice became high-pitched

10. In the tenth episode, "The Gorilla Experiment", Sheldon tried to teach Penny physics, because Penny wanted to be able to relate to Leonard's work, what ancient civilization did Sheldon begin his lecture in?
    Ancient China
    Ancient Rome
    Ancient Greece
    Ancient Mesopotamia

11. "The Maternal Congruence" was episode 11 of season three, during the episode Leonard's mother, Beverly, visited. Which of these was NOT one of the things Leonard learned during the episode?
    His dog died
    His grandma died
    Beverly had surgery
    His parents were getting divorced

12. During "The Psychic Vortex", which was season 3's twelfth episode, Raj bribed Sheldon to attend a university mixer with him if Sheldon could bring/wear what?
    Flash costume
    A Green Lantern lantern
    Hulk Hands
    Captain Spock outfit

13. During "The Bozeman Reaction", the season's 13th episode, Leonard and Sheldon were robbed. Which one of these things wasn't stolen from their apartment?
    Comic books

14. During the fourteenth, always funny, episode of season three, which was called "The Einstein Approximation", Sheldon became obsessed with finding the answer to a physics problem. When Penny and Leonard walked into Leonard and Sheldon's place they immediately tripped on marbles on the floor that Sheldon had set up. What finally got Sheldon to go to bed during that scene?
    Leonard threatening to eat some cheese
    Bernadette counting to three
    Leonard instantly figuring out the problem
    Leonard threatening not to drive him to work anymore

15. "The Large Hadron Collision" was season three's fifteenth episode and premiered on February 8th, 2010. The episode involves Leonard deciding who to take to Switzerland to see CERN's Large Hadron Collider on Valentine's Day. Who did he end up taking?

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