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Did You Know This About Them?

Created by Creedy

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Movie Stars Mixed
Did You Know This About Them game quiz
"Some interesting or comical facts about big name movie stars which should give you a laugh or two, or you may even learn something new about them."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Movie star John Wayne was so popular with military personnel in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, that his name became part of various military issue, including a common item used in the bathroom. What was this?
    John Wayne Shampoo
    John Wayne Toothbrushes
    John Wayne Toilet Paper
    John Wayne Combs

2. Hedda Hopper, Hollywood gossip columnist, published a malicious article about Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, without stating their names but making it very clear who they were. As a result, an enraged Tracy confronted her at a nightclub she frequented, and did what?
    Kicked her in the backside
    Tipped a plate of spaghetti on her lap
    Poured champagne over her head
    Issued her with a court summons

3. Russian leader Joseph Stalin ordered the assassination of which big name Hollywood star for that star's influential and very strong anti-communist stance?
    Gary Cooper
    Clint Eastwood
    Audie Murphy
    John Wayne

4. When actor Sir Laurence Olivier was preparing to portray the lead in Shakespeare's play "Othello, the Moor of Venice" in 1964, how did he manage to deepen his voice to the pitch required of the role?
    He had surgery on his throat
    He took up smoking
    He practised bellowing at a herd of cows
    He coughed until his voice was husky

5. The great actress Katharine Hepburn intensely disliked any media intrusion into her life and was known to be quite curt with any member of the media asking personal questions of her. She also refused to have much to do with fans in this regard as well. Eventually this behaviour earned her which nickname?
    Countess of Curt
    Queen Hoity-Toity
    Katharine of Arrogance
    Reclusive Princess

6. Actor Humphrey Bogart, known for his portrayal of tough men and gangster roles in movies, had a mother who, when he was a child, kept him exceptionally tidy, grew his hair long enough to be curled into ringlets, and usually dressed him as what?
    Shirley Temple
    Little Lord Fauntleroy
    A lamb
    A teddy bear

7. During the filming of the 1955 film "Richard III", described by critics as his greatest performance, the role required lead actor Sir Laurence Olivier to limp. This limp was given some assistance half way through shooting by which incident?
    He was accidentally shot in the ankle with an arrow
    He tripped because his suit of armour was too big
    He fell off his horse
    A frustrated canine actor bit him

8. Actress Betty Grable was the pin-up girl for American soldiers serving overseas in World War II. The famous photograph of her dressed in a swimsuit, facing away from the camera, but looking provocatively over her shoulder, was posed in this way for what reason?
    She originally had a rifle over one shoulder
    She had a carbuncle on her chest
    Her bottom was said to perfectly shaped
    To hide the fact that she was pregnant

9. Actress Julia Roberts was quite an accomplished player of which musical instrument?

10. Actor Ben Affleck quit smoking after starring in the 2007 film "Smokin' Acres". Why was this?
    He developed lung cancer
    His wife threatened to divorce him if he didn't
    He developed an allergy to tobacco
    He was forced to constantly chain smoke through the film

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