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Humphrey Bogart

Created by janslam

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Humphrey Bogart game quiz
"Fifty-three years after his death, the name Humphrey Bogart still resonates with movie fans. How much do you know concerning the facts and legends about this Hollywood icon?"

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1. When and where was Humphrey Bogart born?
    December 25, 1899 in New York, NY
    January 23, 1900 in Newark, NJ
    January 25, 1899 in Philadelphia, Pa.
    December 25, 1900 in Atlantic City, NJ

2. Before his marriage to Lauren Bacall, who was 26 years his junior, he had been married 3 times. Which of these women was one of his wives?
    Louise Brooks in 1924
    Bette Davis in 1926
    Mayo Methot in 1938
    Joan Crawford in 1928

3. Bogart's mother, Maud Humphrey, was a very successful commercial illustrator. She used baby Humphrey as her model in a well-known ad campaign for a baby product. Which one of these was the product?
    Baby food
    Talcum powder
    Baby oil

4. How did Bogart get his trademark scar?
    Shrapnel cut him when, while serving in the navy, his ship was hit.
    His father struck him during a terrible family argument
    He was hit by a prisoner he was transporting to Portsmouth Naval prison in Kittery, Maine
    The result of a childhood accident

5. Who was the first person to call him "Bogey"?
    Bette Davis
    Spencer Tracy
    John Ford
    His mother

6. Bogart was nominated for three best actor Oscars. For which film did he win the Oscar for Best Actor?
    "Casablanca" (1943)
    "To Have and Have Not" (1945)
    "The Caine Mutiny" (1954)
    "The African Queen" (1951)

7. The name of the captain portrayed by Bogart in "The Caine Mutiny" (1954) was _________ .

8. Besides acting, Bogart excelled in another area. He told an interviewer from "Silver Screen" magazine that this activity was one of his main interests. Which was it?

9. Bogart did very little work on television but he did appear in a comedy sketch in a famous early comedian's network show. Whose show was it?
    Milton Berle
    Jack Benny
    Red Skelton
    Saturday Night Live

10. What was Bogart's last movie?
    "The Harder They Fall" (1956)
    "Beat the Devil" (1954)
    "Melville Goodwin, USA" (1957)
    "The African Queen"(1951)

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