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Bottled Water - Facts and Fiction

Created by PDAZ

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Bottled Water  Facts and Fiction game quiz
""Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink..." Well that's apparently the belief of the masses who eschew tap water for bottled water. Let's explore the bottled water phenomenon and see if it is worth the additional cost."

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1. The use of bottled water grew exponentially during the early 21st century, but how long has bottled water been around?
    Prior to the 1800s
    Since the 1800s
    Since the late 1900s
    Since the early 1900s

2. There are several different types of bottled water available. Which type is NOT recommended for drinking?
    Seltzer water
    Mineral water
    Distilled water
    Spring water

3. Both mineral and spring water come from water that has risen from aquifers beneath the surface. In what way do they differ?
    Mineral water must contain a specific amount of minerals.
    Spring water must have fluoride added to it.
    Mineral water must flow over volcanic rock.
    Spring water sources are only available in the United States.

4. After entering the bottled water market in 1994, PepsiCo product, Aquafina, soon became one of the best-selling bottled waters in the world. What did PepsiCo reveal about their product several years later?
    It was left-over water from soft drink processing.
    The recipe was stolen from the Coca-Cola Company.
    The water had been spiked with laxatives.
    It was purified tap water.

5. The popularity of the office water cooler has led to a market for home water coolers. What process is usually used to purify the water for these coolers?
    Exposure to dry ice
    Double chlorination
    Reverse osmosis
    Bacteria-eating microbes

6. How long can bottled water safely be stored?
    Indefinitely if kept sealed and out of direct sunlight
    Six months
    Only until the expiration date on the bottle
    Four to six weeks

7. Bottled water has been touted as being healthier than tap water. What evidence has been presented to dispute this claim?
    People tend to drink too much bottled water resulting in kidney malfunctions.
    Bottled water contains toxic dyes to maintain the water's color.
    More people have died in accidents at bottled water plants than at water treatment plants.
    Most bottled water doesn't contain more minerals than tap water.

8. Which compound, once commonly found in plastic water bottles, started being phased out during the early 2000s as concerns arose regarding its safety?
    Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
    Bisphenol A (BPA)

9. What claim regarding plastic water bottles has been debunked as an internet hoax?
    Plastic water bottles are made from rabbit entrails.
    Frozen water bottles release dioxins.
    Open water bottles left in the sun can develop algae and bacteria.
    Plastic water bottles can't actually be recycled.

10. One of the main complaints against plastic water bottles is that not everyone recycles the bottles. But even if everyone did, what is another recycling-related complaint against the bottles?
    The labels must be removed by hand before the bottle can be recycled.
    The recycled plastic is too toxic for use by humans.
    Plastic has a limited recycling life and will eventually end up in a landfill.
    The plastic shreds into shards that break the recycling machinery.

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