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Kitties on the Catwalk

Created by JanIQ

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Kitties on the Catwalk game quiz
"This quiz shows us various breeds of domestic (or possibly domesticated) cats. Can you recognise them?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Now parading on the catwalk is a cat named "Spotted Mist". This shorthaired cat has a spotted fur with a hazy effect. In which country did this breed originate?

2. Look at that kitty on the catwalk. It is a large cat with a brownish spotted coat, almost as if it were a miniature leopard. Which shorthaired breed is now parading?
    York chocolate cat
    Russian blue
    Bengal cat
    Havana brown cat

3. Now parading on the catwalk is a Bombay cat. Which colour is typical of the Bombay cats? Don't be too superstitious.
    Answer: (One Word - Basic Colour)

4. Another cat ascends the cat walk. Now is the time the Dragon Li parades, a wild cat breed that can be domesticated. It has a golden - brown tabby pattern. Where does this breed come from?

5. On the catwalk there are now some kitties related to the well-known Siamese cats. Which of these breeds is closely related to the Siamese?
    Aegean cat
    Chartreux cat
    Abyssinian cat
    Javanese cat

6. The next kitty on the catwalk is a Kurilian bobtail. What is the decisive trait to tell one Kurilian bobtail from the other? This feature is as individual as human fingerprints.
    The fur pattern
    The ears
    The voice
    The tail

7. Now parading on the catwalk is a cat with deep blue eyes. This cat breed was named after this distinctive feature. What is the name of the breed?
    Frank Sinatra
    Ojos azules

8. Here on the catwalk is a very famous longhaired kitty. This medium sized cat has a wide, round head with a shortened muzzle. It can sport any colour of fur. What is the name for this breed, reminding us of the old name of a Middle-Eastern country?
    Persian cat
    Serengeti Cat
    Egyptian Mau
    Tonkinese Cat

9. Now on the catwalk is a new breed, the Savannah cat. What is the abbreviation for the Savannah International Members and Breeders Association?
    Answer: (One Word - The Lion King)

10. On the catwalk there is a Sokoke cat, also named Khadzonzos cat. A third, less used, name refers to the continent they come from. What is the third name of this breed?
    Oriental shorthair
    Japanese bobtail
    British shorthair
    African shorthair

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Compiled Feb 10 13