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Women and War - The Crimea to WWII

Created by Macjaq

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Women and War  The Crimea to WWII game quiz
"This quiz highlights the stories of a several women who engaged in or resisted conflict between 1853 and 1945. It includes some relatively easy questions and some which should be challenging."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Crimean War. What was the name of the Jamaican boarding house keeper and self-trained nurse who travelled to the Crimea and opened a convalescent home and hotel between Balaclava and Sevastopol?
    Florence Nightingale
    Mary Seacole
    Elizabeth Fry
    Emily Hobhouse

2. American Civil War. What role did Dorothea Dix, campaigner for the rights of the mentally ill, play during the Civil War?
    Clerk in the Patent Office
    Special Adviser to President Lincoln
    Superintendent of Army Nurses
    Sanitary Commission Agent

3. Second Boer War. What scandal in the conduct of the war did Emily Hobhouse, British welfare campaigner, expose?
    The sinking of a British naval vessel by friendly fire
    The expense account of Commander in Chief, Lord Kitchener
    The suffering of Boer women and children in British concentration camps
    The theft of medical supplies by army personnel

4. WWI. Emmeline Pankhurst was a co-founder of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) and was a leading figure in the struggle for women's political rights in Britain. What was her attitude to the First World War?
    She became a pacifist and opposed conscription
    She was imprisoned for the duration of the war
    She continued her campaign for the vote
    She actively supported the British war effort

5. WWI. New Zealand's contingent included several thousand Maori soldiers and by 1917 there were enough Maori in the forces to form the New Zealand (Maori) Pioneer Battalion. What was the name of the Waikato leader who discouraged her followers from taking part in the war on the grounds that the British Empire had invaded and occupied their lands?
    Princess Te Puea Herangi
    Iriaka Matiu Ratana
    Dame Whina Cooper
    Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu

6. WWI. Edith Cavell was a nurse executed in 1915 by the German military authorities for assisting more than 200 Allied soldiers to escape from German occupied Belgium. Where was Nurse Cavell born?
    Bruges, Belgium
    Queensland, Australia
    Norfolk, England
    Prince Edward Island, Canada

7. WWI. Who or what was 'Dennis Smith'?
    A woman journalist who enlisted in the British Army
    A cartoonist who lampooned the suffragette movement
    A Member of Parliament in favour of conscripting women
    A prototype tank designed by a female engineer

8. WWI. Gertrude Stein, American feminist and writer, was in Europe for much of the First World War. How did she and her partner Alice B Toklas, with the assistance of Stein's 'Auntie', become involved in the war in 1916?
    They opened a nursing home for war wounded
    They provided temporary accommodation for refugees
    They wrote articles encouraging the US to enter the war
    They drove supplies to French hospitals

9. WWI. Who was Maria Leontievna Bochkareva (also known as Yashka)?
    A spy behind the German lines
    Tsar Nicholas II's mistress
    The founder of the Russian Women's Battalion of Death
    The head of the Russian volunteer nursing brigade

10. WWII. Haika Grossman was an Israeli politician. As a young woman during WWII, what activity is Grossman best known for?
    Organising resistance in the ghettos of Poland and Lithuania
    Running an escape network in occupied France
    Working for British intelligence
    Pioneering medical research

11. WWII. This woman was a German test pilot. She took part in trials of rocket and jet aircraft and was the only woman awarded the Iron Cross First Class during World War II.
    Magda Quandt
    Leni Riefenstahl
    Traudl Junge
    Hanna Reitsch

12. WWII. Nancy Wake ('the White Mouse') served as a British agent working with the French resistance. Where was she born?
    Sydney, Australia
    Montreal, Canada
    Ballarat, Australia
    Wellington, New Zealand

13. WWII. The Duke of Windsor and his new wife (formerly Wallis Simpson) were the personal guests of a European leader soon after their marriage in 1937. Who was it whose invitation to the couple caused lasting damage to their reputation in the United Kingdom?
    Adolf Hitler
    Charles de Gaulle
    Benito Mussolini
    Joseph Stalin

14. WWII. Russian medical orderlies in the Battle of Stalingrad were mainly drawn from which group?
    Local peasant women
    Orthodox nuns
    Female students and high-school graduates
    Prison inmates

15. WWII. Who or what was the White Rose?
    A British aristocrat who made pro-Nazi radio broadcasts
    An anti-Nazi movement based at the University of Munich
    A French resistance network
    The code-name for a planned attack on Nazi-occupied Belgium

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