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My Word -- Common Sayings from the Bible -- #2

Created by Cowrofl

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My Word  Common Sayings from the Bible  2 game quiz
"It might come as a surprise to some that many of the common sayings we use today originate from the Bible. How much do you know about the sayings? This is my second installment. (Different versions of the Bible were used for this quiz.)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Timothy was a young worker in the early church and two different books, or letters, in the New Testament are addressed to him. Who urged Timothy to 'fight the good fight' in both the KJV and the NIV Bibles?

2. 'Three score and ten' is an old English term that appears in the King James Bible. In what book in the Old Testament do you find the term? (Hint: it appears in the 90th chapter of the book.)
    The Psalms

3. 'From sea to sea' is the motto of a country that officially calls itself a dominion. The people of this country might be surprised to learn the term 'from sea to sea' was taken from Psalm 72:8 where it states "He shall have dominion from sea unto sea." What country has this motto?
    New Zealand
    United States

4. Luke was a doctor and it should not come as a surprise that the term 'physician heal thyself' appears in the Gospel he is credited with writing. Who spoke the words 'physician heal thyself', which are now part of a common expression?
    King Herod
    John the Baptist

5. Living off 'the fat of the land' is a phrase that appears in Genesis 45:18 in the Old Testament. Who used the term 'the fat of the land' in a conversation with Joseph?
    Potiphar's wife
    The Pharaoh

6. 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone' was a term used by Jesus in John 8:7. What was the particular incident in which he spoke the words?
    The woman caught in adultery
    His conversation with Nicodemus
    The Sermon from the Mount
    The feeding of 5,000

7. 'Eat, drink, and be merry' is another common expression that comes from the Bible with the actual wording in the King James Version stating "eat, drink and be glad." In what book in the Old Testament would you find the phrase?


8. 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' is a saying that appears in two different places in the Old Testament and in Matthew 5:38. Who used the phrase in Matthew?
    John the Baptist
    An unnamed Pharisee
    King Herod

9. 'The root of the matter' is a common saying found in Job 19:28 in the King James Version. Who used the term?
    Job's wife

10. 'Forbidden fruit' is a term that is derived from the Old Testament, specifically Genesis 2:17 and Genesis 3:3. What does the term refer to in the Old Testament?
    A fruit dish Rebekah made for Isaac that was consumed by Esau.
    Fruit from a tree, which Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat.
    Fruit that Potiphar's wife used to try to lure Joseph into her bed.
    Bitter fruit that Cain was forced to eat after he killed Abel.

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