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The Cuckoo Clock of Horror Strikes Back

Created by StarStruck60

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The Cuckoo Clock of Horror Strikes Back game quiz
"By popular demand my cuckoo clock has repaired itself and has stocked up on more horrors to sing to me. Name the artist who made the recording."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. One o'clock. The cuckoo comes out and makes it clear that this is war. Its opening shot is "Mother of Mine". I install ear plugs and try to rise above it.
Who sang this song?
    Keith Chegwin
    Andy Stewart
    Neil Reid
    Aled Jones

2. Two o'clock. The cuckoo announces that "Someone left the cake out in the rain".
My machete sweep misses it completely. Do cat's tails grow back? Who sang the song this line is from?
    William Shatner
    Telly Savalas
    Lorne Green
    Richard Harris

3. Three o'clock. The cuckoo hits new depths of horror, warbling out "Wave a chicken in the air, stick a deckchair up your nose". The crossbow bolt misses it, but I do now have a new indoor water feature. The cast of which show are responsible for this song?
    Not The Nine O'clock News
    The Muppets
    Spitting Image

4. Four o'clock. The cuckoo breaks through the superglue I applied to his door and takes his revenge with "The Laughing Gnome". Which big star would probably prefer to forget this record?
    Elton John
    Will Young
    Paul McCartney
    David Bowie

5. Five o'clock. I am armed and ready, as the cuckoo leaps out singing "Ooh boys cheeky girls" I open the cage full of feral cats. As they shred the furniture to pieces instead of the cuckoo I'm sure I hear it laughing. Who sang this song?
    The Cheeky Girls
    The Cheeky Boys

6. Six o'clock. The completely undamaged cuckoo pops out to sing "Blobby Blobby Blobby". As the professional marksman takes aim one of the feral cats bites him and the only thing shot is the ceiling. Who sang "Mr Blobby"?
    Noel Edmonds
    Mr Blobby
    Mike Batt
    Bernard Cribbens

7. Seven o'clock. The cuckoo materialises to the strains of "Doctorin The Tardis". Unfortunately my screwdriver isn't sonic and didn't screw up his door in time. Who gave us this memorable tune?
    The Ood
    The Timelords
    The Daleks

8. Eight o'clock. If that door opens my booby trap will blow the cuckoo to kingdom come. The cuckoo however is cleverer than I, and dances out of a side door singing "Macarena". Who do we have to thank for this song?
    Kings of Leon
    Ricky Martin
    Los Del Rio
    Los Lobos

9. Nine o'clock. I hear the cuckoo winding up to come out and take aim. It defeats me again, the door bursts opens and the strains of "Long Haired Lover From Liverpool" come forth, but my knife hits empty air, the cuckoo stays inside. Which member of a pop family sang this?
    The Osmonds
    Donny Osmond
    Little Jimmy Osmond
    Marie Osmond

10. Ten o'clock. The cuckoo inflicts the ultimate horror. As it emerges it starts to sing the "Crazy Frog". That is the final straw, I drop the sten gun and run screaming from the house. It has won. Who created the original animated Crazy Frog character?
    Erik Wernquist
    Harold Faltermeyer
    Gershon Kingsley

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Compiled Jun 28 12