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Grandma's Medical Ordeal

Created by yency

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Grandmas Medical Ordeal game quiz
"My 96 yr old grandma claims she visited her doctor with a chief complaint of "constipation and rectal bleeding." She was admitted to hospital for further investigation and "all hell broke loose." Identify the specialty of each physician in grandma's case"

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1. Apart from diabetes and hypertension, which were currently under control, grandma has had an uneventful medical history. Over the past month, however, she's been having increasing difficulty passing stools. There was also slight bleeding with each bowel movement. Over the counter drugs and herbal treatment were tried without desired effect. Her primary physician, who specializes in treating the elderly, recommended admission for further care.

What is the term for a doctor who specializes in treating elderly people?

2. The admitting doctor performed a physical assessment (including a rectal examination), ordered some blood tests and asked numerous questions about water intake, diet, appetite, weight loss and duration of symptoms. Grandma explained that she drinks lots of water and eats high fiber diets but her appetite is poor and she had lost some weight unintentionally.
Grandma was referred to a doctor who specializes in problems affecting the gut. Which of these specialists takes care of "gut" problems?

3. The results of blood tests were ready in two hours. Among other things, grandma has severe anemia. She was seen by a blood specialist who ordered more tests to decipher the specific type of anemia. The specialist also ordered blood transfusion and daily multivitamins. Which of these doctors deals specifically with blood problems?

4. Based on the results of tests, it was determined that grandma has a decline in kidney function, hence she was referred to the kidney doctor. According to grandma, "the kidney doctor was the smartest of them all. A well-mannered elderly gentleman who nicely explained that the abnormal renal function was due to aging rather than pathology."
A doctor who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease is called a _____?
    Answer: (One Word, 12 letters, begins with N)

5. When grandma's blood count was sufficiently improved, the "gut doctor" obtained her consent for a colonoscopy. Before the procedure, grandma had bowel preparation done to ensure the colon was completely cleared. Basically, she had to use fleet enemas and drink a gallon of golytely over a 12 hour period. She was denied food during this time but was given intravenous fluid.
The colonoscopy revealed a tumor in the colon which was biopsied to evaluate for cancer. Surgical removal of the tumor was also recommended.
Which of the following surgeons will most likely perform this operation?
    Colorectal surgeon
    Upper gastroentestinal surgeon
    Cardiothoracic surgeon
    Vascular surgeon

6. Before surgery, grandma's cancer had to be staged to determine how extensive the surgery should be and to develop a plan for chemotherapy and radiation as needed. A specialist who deals specifically with diagnosis, staging and treatment of cancer was consulted.
This doctor who specializes in treatment of cancer is called an _____?

7. Hospitalization was turning out to be very stressful for poor grandma. She was having to repeat the same story to every doctor she saw. In addition, the frequent blood tests and procedures as well as the constant delivery of bad news was overwhelming. It became difficult to control her blood sugar and a specialist had to be consulted.
To which of these doctors will she most likely be referred?

8. Grandma has stage 1 colorectal cancer. A date is set for surgery but she needs clearance by the heart specialist to ensure it is safe for her to undergo the operation.
Which specialist deals with diagnosis and treatment of heart disease?
    Answer: (One Word, 12 letters, starts with C)

9. The surgeon, in addition to requesting that grandma has clearance by a heart specialist, requests clearance by a lung specialist prior to surgery as well.
Which doctor specializes in diagnosis and treatment of lung disease?
    None of the above

10. Grandma claims she was sleeping peacefully, dreaming about a cruise in the Caribbean islands when she felt something tighten around her arm. This was followed by a sharp needle stick. Still dazed with sleep, she withdrew her arm, punching at the source of her discomfort. As she came to her senses, she realised the nurse was trying to draw her blood. She apologised but it was too late for her. The nurse called for reinforcement and two other able-bodied nurses responded promptly. With them all talking simultaneously, grandma had to speak really loudly to be heard. Accordingly, she was deemed aggressive and combative. They sedated her and applied soft wrist restraints.
When grandma woke up, another specialist came to determine if her mental status was altered based on reports he'd heard.
A specialist who deals with emotional and mental disorders is a psychiatrist.

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