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"The Karate Kid" (2010)

Created by tazman6619

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The Karate Kid 2010 game quiz
"This quiz is about the 2010 remake of the 1984 classic "The Karate Kid"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The actor who plays the main character in the remake of "The Karate Kid" is the son of a famous rapper, TV star, and movie star. Name this actor who plays Dre.
    Jaden Smith
    Will Smith
    Ralph Macchio
    Angus T. Jones

2. Jackie Chan plays Mr. Han, the new Mr. Miyagi, in the movie. What is his profession?
    Maintenance man
    Bus driver
    School teacher
    Restaurant chef

3. The movie features what type of martial arts?
    Karate, duh
    Kung Fu

4. What instrument does Mei Ying, the girl Dre likes, play?

5. When they are on the train to the Wudang Mountains, Mr. Han tells Dre they are going somewhere to learn about the life-force that flows through all things. What is the name of this force?

6. Dre refers to a movie to explain what the life-force Mr. Han tells him about is like. What movie does he reference?
    Star Wars
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Star Trek

7. Dre and Mei Ying meet at the Qixi Festival to see the shadow theater. According to Mr. Han, what Western holiday does the Qixi Festival most closely resemble?
    Valentine's Day
    New Year's Day

8. The movie takes place mainly in China. In which city does most of the action take place?

9. The evil instructor of the martial arts academy teaches his students three things. Of the following, which is NOT one of them?
    No pain
    No crying
    No mercy
    No weakness

10. What is the name of the team that Dre's nemesis, Cheng, belongs to from Master Li's martial arts academy?
    Dancing Tigers
    Fighting Tigers
    Fighting Dragons
    Dancing Dragons

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Compiled Jun 28 12