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How Well Do You Know "The Eye of the World"?

Created by sammyjo06

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How Well Do You Know The Eye of the World game quiz
"As I reread what is (in my opinion) one of the best fantasy series ever written, I'll be creating quizzes on each of Robert Jordan's books in the "Wheel of Time" series. The questions won't be too difficult, I hope, but they shouldn't bore you, either."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. On the road to Caemlyn, Rand and Mat stop in a village at an inn called The Queen's Man. Rand suddenly becomes very ill. Why does he get sick?
    They fled the previous inn in the pouring rain, and he became sick from travelling soaking wet with little or no food and water.
    The last farm he and Mat had stopped at served Rand poisoned food because the farmer's daughter kept looking at him.
    A darkfriend woman who can channel was nearby, and her channeling caused him to fall ill.
    He had unconsciously channeled several days earlier.

2. According to Moiraine, which female has the highest potential channeling strength?

3. Why does Moiraine give Rand, Mat, and Perrin each a silver Tar Valon coin?
    So that if they ever became separated, each would have sufficient coin to be able to take care of himself until they were able to meet up again.
    To enable her to find them no matter where they were, as long as they posessed the coin, and to make them more amenable to her suggestions.
    So that she would be able to call on them to complete any task she asked of them, whenever she wanted them.
    In order to let them know that she was an Aes Sedai, and that she could control them in an instant if she wished.

4. Who is the only female protagonist in the first book to get her own chapter from her point of view?

5. Why did the Children of the Light sentence Perrin to death?
    Because they found a Tar Valon coin on him, and suspect he is working with Aes Sedai.
    Because he can speak to wolves.
    Because he killed two Children of the Light.
    Because they believe he is a Darkfriend.

6. What is the Way of the Leaf?
    A way of life that the Tuatha'an follow, which is no violence or resistance, even in self defense.
    One of the sword forms Lan is teaching Rand.
    A trail halfway between Whitebridge and Caemlyn that is shaded entirely with trees that never lose their leaves, even in winter.
    A method for women to learn to channel the One Power.

7. Why is Elaida, Queen Morgase's Aes Sedai advisor, after Rand?
    Rand can channel, and she wants to gentle him.
    He is with Moiraine, whom she hates.
    She hates men, and so she hates that Queen Morgase is letting him free after his intrusion in the gardens.
    She had a Foretelling that he would stand at the heart of all the pain and division the land would face.

8. Does Loial have any Talents?
    Yes. The ability to see ta'veren.
    Yes. Treesinging and the ability to see ta'veren.
    Yes. Treesinging.

9. How does Elyas name the wolves in the pack he hunts with?
    The wolves do not have names, although he can distinguish individual wolves when he speaks to them telephathically.
    He chooses names for them based on particular personality traits or fur color patterns.
    He tries to choose a human word that is as close as possible to the wolf's actual name, which is more like a series of images and emotions than a single word.
    The wolves have names for each other exactly like humans do.

10. Why does Lan refuse to marry Nynaeve?
    He doesn't love her.
    Both Wisdoms and Aes Sedai seldom marry, and he does not think it would be proper for her to do so.
    He is bonded to Moiraine, and Warders are not permitted to marry outside of their bond.
    He was sworn at birth to continue to fight a battle that can never be won, and intends to die fighting the Dark One.

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