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How Well Do You Know "The Great Hunt"?

Created by sammyjo06

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How Well Do You Know The Great Hunt game quiz
"I've finished my second read-through of Robert Jordan's "The Great Hunt", and with that, here is my second quiz. I hope you all enjoy it!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who is Lord Ingtar's second in command during the hunt for the Horn of Valere?

2. What is the human tongue translation for the name the wolves have given to Rand?

3. Artur Hawkwing refuses to call Rand by his name, instead insisting on naming him "Lews Therin".

4. Who said: "You battled the Dark One. I saw you, Lord Dragon. I saw. I am your man, to the death."?
    Lord Ingtar
    Bayle Domon

5. How do Nynaeve, Min, and Elayne infiltrate the building where Egwene is held as a damane?
    Elayne disguises herself as a sul'dam, Min as a servant, and Nynaeve as a damane.
    Min disguises herself as a sul'dam, Elayne as a damane, and Nynaeve as a servant.
    Min disguises herself as a sul'dam, Nynaeve as a damane, and Elayne as a servant.
    Nynaeve disguises herself as a sul'dam and Elayne and Min disguise themselves as her servants.

6. What does Ingtar confess to Rand before going to die so that they may escape?
    He was always a coward, until that moment
    He knows that Rand can channel
    He is a Darkfriend
    He wanted the glory of finding and sounding the Horn for himself

7. Why must Rand and his friends use the Portal Stones instead of the Ways to reach Toman Head?
    Machin Shin guards the entrance to the Ways.
    They feared Fain and the Darkfriends would be waiting for them at the other end of the Ways.
    The nearest Waygate was miles away, while the Portal Stone was close by.
    The Portal Stones were faster and more accurate than the Ways.

8. Why would Loial rather avoid visiting any steddings?
    Briefly visiting steddings and then leaving them causes the Longing to afflict the ogier faster than usual.
    The only reason his companions would want to visit a stedding is to travel through its Waygate.
    He is worried that when the council finds him, they will punish him severely, and he may never be allowed to live his life freely again.
    He is afraid his mother will find him a wife and force him to settle down and marry.

9. At the end of "The Great Hunt", Rand finally admits to himself that he is the Dragon Reborn.

10. What special ability does Egwene's sul'dam discover she has?
    Making cuendillar
    Making ter'angreal
    Finding ore in the ground

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