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And the Oscar Goes to... (November, 1930)

Created by reedy

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And the Oscar Goes to November 1930 game quiz
"The 3rd Academy Awards took place on November 5th, 1930, honoring the best films from August 1st, 1929 to July 31st, 1930."

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1. The third Academy Awards ceremony marked the only time in the 20th century that the Oscars were held a second time in the same calendar year.

2. The host for the third Academy Awards was an actor whose first role was in the 1918 film "Little Women". He was also a founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). Who was he?
    William C. deMille
    Conrad Nagel
    Jack Holt
    Boris Karloff

3. The category of Best Actor had the most nominated films of all categories this year, with eight different films being represented -- by only five different actors. Which of these actors did NOT have two roles in the running for the Best Actor award?
    George Arliss
    Lawrence Tibbett
    Maurice Chevalier
    Ronald Colman

4. The award for Best Actress went to a Canadian-born actress who portrayed a woman trying to get back at her husband for an affair by pursuing one herself. Who won the Oscar?
    Norma Shearer
    Gloria Swanson
    Greta Garbo
    Ruth Chatterton

5. While subsequent Academy Award ceremonies have included categories for Documentaries, there weren't any in 1930. Even so, it didn't stop this chilling documentary from winning the Oscar for Best Cinematography. What was its name?
    The Case of Sergeant Grischa
    Bulldog Drummond
    With Byrd at the South Pole
    King of Jazz

6. The Oscar for Best Art Direction went to Herman Rosse for "King of Jazz" (1930). What band-leader was the self-proclaimed "King of Jazz" that was the centerpiece of this musical revue film?
    Paul Whiteman
    Bix Beiderbecke
    Jelly Roll Morton
    Benny Goodman

7. The winner of the Academy Award for Best Writing Achievement went to the first woman to receive the award, Frances Marion. What movie, taking place in a prison, won the Oscar?
    Street of Chance
    Hell's Angels
    The Big House

8. The winner of the Oscar for Best Director was Lewis Milestone, who already had an Oscar in hand from the 1929 Academy Awards for directing "Two Arabian Nights" (1927). For which film did he receive the award this time around?
    The Divorcee
    All Quiet on the Western Front
    Anna Christie

9. Of the many films to receive nominations for the third Academy Awards, "The Love Parade" (1929) had more than any other film that year -- six! Despite the multiple nominations, however, the movie only won for Best Film Editing.

10. And the award that everyone has been waiting for... Which film, based on the Erich Maria Remarque novel of the same name, won the Oscar for Best Picture?
    The Divorcee
    The Big House
    All Quiet on the Western Front

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