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Little Fockers

Created by soutee

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Little Fockers game quiz
""Little Fockers" is the third instalment in this delightful, comedy series of the Focker and Byrnes families. Answers are from the movie with a little trivia thrown in for good measure. Have fun! (Warning - contains spoilers)"

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1. What are the Fockers eating for dinner, that makes Greg's son sick?
    Spaghetti and Meatballs
    Chinese Food
    Tuna Casserole

2. Why is Greg and Pam's daughter not talking to Greg?
    Because he called Jack cuckoo.
    She is trying for a world record in silence.
    He wouldn't buy her a pony.
    Her brother made a bet with her.

3. A theme throughout the movie is that Greg is to become the patriach of the family, once Jack has passed away some day. What does Jack call Greg, when first discussing this with him?
    The Bob Father
    The God Focker
    The God Father
    The Good Father

4. What are the names of Greg and Pam's children?
    Henry and Samantha
    Terry and Hannah
    Harry and Tabitha
    Terry and Terri

5. What horror movie is parodied in the ball-pit at the Focker children's 5th birthday party?

6. What is the name of the drug that Andi Garcia wants Greg to assist in marketing?
    Up and At Em
    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

7. What is the name of the TV show Roz now stars in?
    Answer: (Four Words)

8. What is the hard to get into school that Pam wants the children to attend?
    The First Steps
    Composite Camp
    Minor Academy
    The Early Human School

9. What is the concern at the end of the movie, for Pam and Greg?
    Pam is pregnant with more twins.
    Kevin is gay.
    Roz leaves Bernie for Kevin.
    The parents are all moving nearby.

10. What Christmas present do Bernie and Roz give to Jack?

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Compiled Jun 28 12