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UK number ones 1964

Created by DaveH1960

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UK number ones 1964 game quiz
"1964 and a veritable plethora of number one hits for you to remember."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. As usual we start with the first single to reach number one.
Staying at number one for two weeks from the 15th January 1964 was 'Glad All Over' by The Dave Clark --- what number followed the name of the group?
    Answer: (One Word - number or word)

2. The Beatles only had three number one hits in 1964, but how long, in total, were they at number one?
    9 weeks
    11 weeks
    6 weeks
    8 weeks

3. Cilla Black had her first number one hit in 1964 with 'Anyone Who Had A Heart'. What was Cilla's birth name?
    Cilla Black
    Priscilla White
    Priscilla Black
    Cilla White

4. The Rolling Stones had two number ones in 1964, the first was 'It's All Over Now'. What was the second?
    I Wanna Be Your Man
    Get Off of My Cloud
    Not Fade Away
    Little Red Rooster

5. Billy J. Kramer had a number one hit in 1964 with a song which included the following lyrics:

"I wish they would go away...
Little children, now why aren't you playin' outside?
I'm askin' you.
You can't fool me, 'cause I'm gonna know if you hide
And try to peek
I'm gonna treat you to a movie
Stop your gigglin', children do be nice
Like little sugars and spice"

What was the title?
    Big Sister
    Sugar and Spice
    Little Children
    Go Away

6. Roy Orbison had a record at number one for two weeks from the 8th October. This record regained the number one spot on the 12th of November for a further week.
Which Sandie Shaw record took the number one spot from Roy Orbison for three weeks before giving it back to him?
    Baby Love
    (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me
    World Without Love
    Go Now

7. The Kinks, who had their first number one in 1964 with 'You Really Got Me', were the first Manchester based group ever to reach number one in the UK charts.

8. The number one records in the UK charts in 1964 were mainly by British bands. How many different American acts became chart toppers in the UK in that year?

9. The Honeycombs had a number one hit in 1964 with 'Have I the Right?'. Were they British or American?
    Answer: (One Word - British or American)

10. The Christmas number one in the 1964 UK charts was by The Beatles. Which song was this?
    A Hard Day's Night
    I Feel Fine
    Can't Buy Me Love
    I Want to Hold Your Hand

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