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The World According to Garp

Created by Tolkienist

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The World According to Garp game quiz
"Here is another quiz on one of my favourite films 'The World According to Garp'. Let's see how well you do."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The film was adapted from the novel of the same name written by which bestselling author?
    J.R.R. Tolkien
    Stephen King
    John Irving
    C.S. Lewis

2. Following the incident of the plane crashing into Garp's house before he purchases it, he tells Helen; 'The odds of another plane hitting this house are'...what? Then he says 'We'll be safe here.'
    10 to 1
    8 to 5
    Next to nothing

3. What was the title of the proposed children's book that Garp was going to write with the help of Duncan and Walt?
    A Child's Christmas With A Whale
    Magic Gloves

4. Garp's firstborn son was named what?

5. Garp's transsexual friend Roberta Muldoon used to be a tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles. What was his best feature?
    He ran touchdowns.
    He threw from the fifty yard line.
    He kicked field goals barefoot.
    He had a great pair of hands.

6. Garp's mother Jenny Fields wrote a bestselling book. What was the title?
    Women on the Brink
    Sexual Suspect
    My Life
    My Son With the Strange Name

7. Garp's relationship with Helen became strained when she cheated on him with one of her "Gradual" Students. What was his name?
    Steven Andrews
    Jeffrey Danvers
    Scott Wilson
    Michael Milton

8. Name Garp's wrestling coach.
    Mr Holm
    Dean Bodger
    Mr Edwards
    Mr Sanders

9. Why did Garp continually bother with the plumber who was speeding through his neighbourhood?
    The plumber was always drunk.
    He was a speed freak.
    He kept running the stop signs.
    He didn't care how he drove.

10. What favourite habit did Garp and Helen like to do?
    Stay home and cuddle
    Write novels together
    Look at the kids sleeping
    Go to the movies

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Compiled Jun 28 12