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"Full Moon Rising" by Keri Arthur

Created by Silver89

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Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur game quiz
"This is my first quiz. It's about the first book of a series that I love to read. Please let me know what you think!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is Riley doing in the first chapter that gets interrupted by eerie silence that she just has to investigate?
    Going to a club after work
    Walking to work
    She's on a mission
    Walking home after work

2. What deal does Riley make with Kelly to get her to check on Rhoan?
    Riley will bake Kelly a batch of cookies
    Riley will let her borrow some of her clothes
    Riley will get her a makeout session with her roommate
    Riley will get her into wolf club during Moon Fever

3. Who takes the silver bullet out of Riley after she gets shot?

4. When Riley is questioning Liander about last meeting with Rhoan, Liander mentions that Rhoan had been looking in the street directory. What page does Liander say he remembers Rhoan looking at?

5. When Riley goes to see Rhoan, what does she do to the guards so that Quinn can go investigate and find Rhoan?
    She goes into their minds and has them thinking they are mating with her, but really with each other
    She makes out with them
    She knocks them out
    She doesn't do anything but sneaks past them with Quinn

6. What does Riley do once they get Rhoan out of the laboratory?
    Goes to the airport with Quinn to take Rhoan to Sydney
    Knocks Quinn out and drives off in Quinn's car to Liander
    Get him in the car and goes home to care for him
    They don't get Rhoan out

7. What is the request Talon makes of Riley?
    That Riley stay the night with him
    That Riley have his child
    That Riley marry him
    That Riley give up all her other mates

8. How did Quinn and Riley get into the Directorate to get information?
    Quinn is disguised as Mr. Brown and Riley disguised as a female companion
    Riley goes by herself into the building and Quinn shields himself into the shadows
    Quinn and Riley just walk in
    Riley and Quinn sneak past everyone

9. What are Quinn and Riley attacked by after checking out the building Jack told them to?
    Half gecko, half human
    Gryphons that are part human

10. Who is behind the attack on Riley and Quinn, and what happens to that person?
    Talon and Quinn kills him
    Jack and nothing, he just has Riley work
    Talon and he escapes
    Misha and Riley kills him

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Compiled Jun 28 12