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Created by dcpddc478

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Jezebel game quiz
"Very simply put, this is a quiz about 'fallen women', courtesans, and women of dubious reputations. As with many people from history, the story about them and their actions are often exaggerated or sometimes misconstrued. "

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1. What was the commonly used named for exotic dancer Margaretha Geertruida Zelle MacLeod who was executed in France in 1917 for espionage?
    Gypsy Rose Lee
    Little Egypt
    Mata Hari
    Josephine Baker

2. Which famous mistress of French King Louis XV is often blamed for the outbreak of the Seven Years' War?
    Rosalie Duthé
    Mary Boleyn
    Madame de Pompadour
    The Duchess of Portsmouth

3. How did English prostitute Elizabeth Stride meet her maker in August of 1888?
    Killed by Jack the Ripper
    Hanged for espionage
    Murdered on the Orient Express
    Drowned in the sinking of the Titanic

4. Which title was bestowed upon Wallis Simpson, the scandalous American divorcee that King Edward VIII of England abdicated the throne to marry?
    Lady Rochester
    Contessa of Aragon
    Countess of Winchester
    Duchess of Windsor

5. Known as the "Hollywood Madam", which one of these women was sentenced to seven years in prison for tax evasion and pandering in 1996?
    Mame Faye
    Linda Tripp
    Heidi Fleiss
    Vivian Ward

6. By what rather unflattering name was Mary Elizabeth Thompson (1855-1953), an Old West madam in Sweetwater, Texas, known as?
    Humpback Hannah
    Madam Mustache
    Dog Face Betty
    Squirrel Tooth Alice

7. The Old Testament Book of Kings mentions the infamous Jezebel and says she is the wife of which of these Biblical people?

8. Lucy Mercer was the long time lover and confidante to the already-married President Theodore Roosevelt.

9. Monika Lewinsky carried on an affair with the 20th century ruler of which country?

10. Sydney, Australia, got its name from Sydney Biddle Barrows, a famous 18th century English courtesan.

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