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The Maine

Created by CoolerThanU13

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The Maine game quiz
"For any fans of The Maine."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which song are these lyrics from?

"Here's to words that tell the truth, when it's easier to lie
Here's to staring into the sun, when you used to close your eyes"
    The Way We Talk
    Listen to Your Heart
    The Town's Been Talking
    Untangle Me (B-Sides)

2. Which song has this verse?

"When you're walking backwards, don't be afraid to close your eyes
'Cause the truth is, darling, everything will be alright, alright"
    Every Road
    Fuel to the Fire
    Into Your Arms

3. Identify this song.

"To hell with the bad news, dirt on your new shoes
It rained all of May till the month of June"
    We Change, We Wait
    We'll All Be
    Undressing the Words
    Whoever She Is

4. Which song has these lyrics?

"This fragile game, it's like a train that's headed nowhere
It never stops, and I can't see the exit sign"
    Right Girl
    Inside of You
    Every Road

5. Name this song.

"This promise doesn't have to be too loud
Just whisper, I could find you in a crowd"
    Listen to Your Heart
    Life Like This
    I Must Be Dreaming
    Don't Stop Now

6. Identify this song.

"We all have been degraded, we all will be the greatest"
    We'll All Be
    Saving Grace
    We All Roll Along
    Growing Up

7. What song are these lyrics from?

"She takes her time with the little things, love notes reminding me"
    Girls Do What They Want
    I Must Be Dreaming
    Everything I Ask For
    Time to Go

8. What song is this verse from?

"Love is a luxury, she said
I'd rather be in love than dead
But not with her, Oh God, not with her
She's the type of girl that makes love...hurt"
    This Is the End
    Kiss and Sell
    You Left Me
    The Way We Talk

9. Choose the song with these lyrics:

"Funny how things don't change at all
But I keep thinking, maybe we'll be good someday"
    Give Me Anything
    I Must Be Dreaming
    If I Only Had the Heart
    The Book of Me and You (Home Recording)

10. What song are these lyrics from?

"We're alive and we drive to the center of it
Where we know we're all fine and this just can't be it"
    We All Roll Along
    Every Road
    Growing Up
    Saving Grace

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Compiled Jun 28 12