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Jean Plaidy Historical Fiction Bonanza!

Created by furiousfemale

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Jean Plaidy Historical Fiction Bonanza game quiz
"I am a big fan of Jean Plaidy's historical fiction books. Her real name is Eleanor Hibbert, but this quiz will focus on the books she wrote under the Jean Plaidy name. The books referenced in the quiz are more recent re-releases from Three Rivers Press"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which Jean Plaidy novel tells the story of the life of Elizabeth I?
    Queen in Waiting
    Queen of This Realm
    In the Shadow of the Crown
    The Courts of Love

2. How many Jean Plaidy novels does Katherine Howard (Henry VIII's fifth wife) appear in?

3. Which Jean Plaidy novel does Katherine of Aragon NOT appear in?
    To Hold the Crown
    The King's Secret Matter
    Shadow of the Pomegranate
    The Queen's Secret

4. How many novels are in Jean Plaidy's 'Lucrezia Borgia' series?

5. Who is the main female character in "Murder in the Tower"?
    Anne Boleyn
    Frances, Countess of Essex
    Mary I
    Mary, Queen of Scots

6. Many of Jean Plaidy's novels have been re-released starting in 2003. Some of these books have different titles. Which is NOT a new title given to one of her books?
    The Sixth Wife
    The King's Confidante
    For a Queen's Love
    Loyal in Love

7. Charles V of Spain is the focus of the novel "For a Queen's Love".

8. Who is the "Lady in the Tower"?
    Katherine Howard
    Meg Roper
    Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Anne Boleyn

9. Lehzen is a governess to a future queen in which novel?
    Rose without a Thorn
    In The Shadow of The Crown
    Victoria Victorious
    Queen of This Realm

10. Mary Queen of Scots is NOT executed at the end of "Captive Queen of Scots".

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Compiled Dec 04 12