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Created by kyleisalive

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Stars game quiz
"A Montreal-based indie band, Stars has released several amazing albums since their 2000 debut. See if you can recall the lyrics and a bit of info about the band in ten questions reaching up to their 2010 release, "The Five Ghosts". Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Stars' earliest album, "Nightsongs", featured the songs "Going, Going, Gone" and "On Peak Hill", both of which featured Emily Haines, the lead vocalist for which other Canadian indie band?
    Mother Mother
    Arcade Fire

2. Torquil Campbell, one of the lead singers for Stars, is also known for dabbling in which other line of work?

3. From the band's second album, "Heart", which song contains the following lyrics?

"My office glows all night long,
It's a nuclear show and the stars are gone."
    Romantic Comedy
    Look Up
    Life Effect
    Elevator Love Letter

4. Many members of Stars have also worked as members of which Canadian indie collective to release albums?
    Hey Rosetta!
    Broken Social Scene
    Death From Above 1979
    The Weakerthans

5. The second single from the band's third album, "Set Yourself on Fire", was "Your Ex-Lover is Dead". The music video of this song was meant to reflect scenes from which Oscar-winning Michel Gondry film?
    Be Kind, Rewind
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    The Science of Sleep
    Human Nature

6. Shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize in 2008, what was the name of Stars' fourth studio album?
    The Comeback
    It's Alchemy!
    Dead Child Stars
    In Our Bedroom After the War

7. Found on their fourth studio album, which Stars song contains the following lyrics?

"Saturday nights in neon lights, Sunday in the cell.
Pills enough to make me feel ill, cash enough to make me well."
    Midnight Coward
    Take Me to the Riot
    The Night Starts Here

8. Band member Amy Milian is also known for her independent solo work. In 2009, on her "Masters of the Burial" album, what famous Death Cab for Cutie song did she cover?
    I Will Possess Your Heart
    I Will Follow You Into the Dark
    Soul Meets Body
    You Are a Tourist

9. The first single from the band's fifth album, "The Five Ghosts", which song contains following lyrics?

"It's the one thing you can count on.
We all end floating away.
We all end floating away."
    He Dreams He's Awake
    Dead Hearts

10. "Three in the afternoon
We still haven't moved.
Siren sighs echo
A pulse through our window."

Which Stars song, found on their fifth album ("The Five Ghosts") contains these lines?
    We Don't Want Your Body
    I Died So I Could Haunt You
    The Passenger
    Wasted Daylight

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