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Not Just Another Italian Quiz

Created by ker1992

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Not Just Another Italian Quiz game quiz
"I really hope you like this quiz. It is my very first one. I am pretty much full blooded Italian and this quiz is centered on Rome, in my opinion the greatest city."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What empire did Italy conquer in 1936?

2. Francis IV of Modena ruled Modena and later also various other states in northern Italy from 1814-1846. A member of the House of Habsburg, he was a notorious reactionary. What did he do to those revolutionaries who were not put to death?
    Expelled them from his domains
    He imprisoned them in damp dungeons, where most died of pneumonia
    He sent them to the galleys
    Had them publicly whipped (at least 50 lashes each)

3. The Roman Empire 'began' when who took the throne?
    Emperor Marcus Aurelius
    Emperor Caesar
    Emperor Nero
    Emperor Augustus

4. Which of these dates is widely acknowledged as the start of the Italian Renaissance?
    c. 1400
    c. 1490
    c. 1453
    c. 1330

5. Who built the original St. Peter's Basilica?
    Emperor Constantine the Great
    Emperor Julius
    Emperor Constans the Great
    Emperor Octavian

6. In what year was the 'Rule of the Popes' interrupted by 'The Roman Republic'?

7. During whose reign was Rome annexed into The French Empire?
    Napoleon 's

8. Which of these was NOT one of the Seven Hills of Rome?
    The Aventine Hill
    The Palatine Hill
    The Vatican Hill
    The Capitoline Hill

9. When did Italy enter WWI on the Entente side?
    June 1916
    December 1914
    April 1917
    May 1915

10. Who was Giuseppe Garibaldi?
    an Italian artist
    an Italian political figure
    an Italian cake and cookie manufacturer
    an ancient Roman architect

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Compiled Jun 28 12