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Hold Onto Your Hats, You're in for a Wild Ride!

Created by Booklover17

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Hold Onto Your Hats Youre in for a Wild Ride game quiz
"You may want hold off on the the candy floss and corn dogs until after you take a ride on some of these."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When it was constructed in 1999 it was the tallest of its kind in the world at 135 metres (443 ft.) high. What is the "London Eye"?
    Reverse Bungee Ride
    Roller Coaster
    Ferris Wheel
    Helicopter Ride

2. I do not have fond memories of losing my lunch while being flipped upside down on this ride. It is named after a handy type of clothing fastener that most of us use on a daily basis. What is this carnival staple called?
    The Button
    The Zipper
    The Shoelace
    The Snap

3. We always search the fair grounds for "The Rotor". Riders enter and stand with their backs to the wall of a large upright barrel that spins around faster and faster until it is extremely difficult to move and then the floor drops down. What force keeps us pinned back against the wall?

4. "The Mindbender" is a triple loop rollercoaster found inside the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada.

5. On what carnival ride is it okay to set your sights on ramming your car straight into another sending it bouncing off the rails, then drive away laughing ready to do it again and again?
    Dragon Coasters
    Bumper Cars
    Derby Dashers
    Mini Putt Putts

6. The "Flying Horses Carousel" is a replica of an elaborately decorated carousel built exclusively for Queen Victoria's beloved grandson in 1838.

7. Warning: this ride may leave you lily-livered land lubbers a little green around the gills as it pitches back and forth. Arr matey, what ride are you being invited to climb aboard if you dare?
    Log Ride
    Bumper Boats
    Pirate Ship

8. The "Giant Drop" is a tower drop ride that raises passengers 39 stories high and drops them at speeds of approximately 136km/h (85mph).

9. The name of this type of tower ride is also the name of tippy table-top game that became popular in 1983. What word would use you to describe a ride that rocks back and forth unsteadily while falling slowly?
    Tippy Teepee
    Timber Tower
    Topple Tower

10. "Technicolour Rainbow" is the oldest manufacturer of carnival rides in the world.

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Compiled Jun 28 12