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Black and Blue

Created by Christinap

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Black and Blue game quiz
"A selection of books with either "Black" or "Blue" in the title. Either complete the title or name the author."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who wrote "Black Narcissus"?
    Elizabeth Goudge
    Donna Leon
    Joanne Trollope
    Rumer Godden

2. Nora Roberts' "In the Garden" trilogy includes "Black Rose", "Red Lily" and "Blue_______". What completes the title?

3. Which Wilbur Smith book features the Courtney family and their adventures in unexplored Africa?
    Blue Horizon
    Blue Hills
    Blue Mountains
    Blue Rivers

4. "Black Tulip" is by which author?
    Clive Cussler
    Alexandre Dumas
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Sir Walter Scott

5. What is the title of Anna Sewell's classic tale of the life of a horse?
    Black Bess
    Black Beauty
    Black Stallion
    Black Equine

6. "Beyond the Blue Event Horizon" is book two of the Heechee Saga by which author?
    Frank Herbert
    Robert Heinlen
    Frederik Pohl
    Terry Pratchett

7. H. Rider Haggard is best known for "King Solomon's Mines" and "She", but which "Black" title did he write?
    Black Deeds and White Thoughts
    Black Continent and White Mountains
    Black Days and White Nights
    Black Heart and White Heart

8. Who wrote "The Blue Lagoon", a novel which is probably better known as a film?
    Henry de Vere Stacpoole
    Robert Walpole
    Benjamin Disraeli
    Robert Louis Stevenson

9. "The Black Gang" is one in a series of books featuring Bulldog Drummond. Who wrote them?

10. Judith Saxton wrote "The Blue and ________ Hills". Which word completes the title?

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Compiled May 26 14