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"Glee": All About Santana Lopez

Created by akpsibryce

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Glee All About Santana Lopez game quiz
"This quiz is about William McKinley High's very own Santana Lopez."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When Santana breaks up the fight between Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, and Dave Karofsky, during the "A Night of Neglect" episode, what does she claim to have "all up in her hair"?
    razor blades
    rusty nails
    red ants

2. In the episode "Born This Way", what does Santana catch Dave Karofsky doing in the hallway?
    checking out Sam Evan's butt
    pushing Kurt Hummel
    kissing Lauren Zizes
    punching Finn Hudson

3. In what part of town does Santana reside?
    North Lima Heights
    Lima Heights Court
    West Lima Adjacent
    Lima Heights Adjacent

4. In the episode, "Rumours", what song does Santana sing to her BFF and crush, Brittany S. Pierce?
    "Go Your Own Way"

5. In the episode "Silly Love Songs", What disease has Santana Lopez had so many times that it turned to 'stereo'?
    Chicken pox

6. In the episode "Funeral", what song does Santana use to audition for a solo at Nationals?
    "Love is a Losing Game"
    "Back to Black"

7. What is the name of the anti-bullying club founded by both Santana Lopez and Dave Karofsky in the episode "Born This Way"?
    Students Against Bullying
    The Bully-Whips
    The McKinley High Angels

8. In the episode "Born This Way", what is NOT a reason why Santana chooses to blackmail Dave Karofsky?
    to make Noah Puckerman jealous
    to get Kurt Hummel to transfer back to McKinley High
    to hide her lesbianism
    to win prom queen

9. What song does Santana perform with Mercedes Jones at the McKinley High School prom?
    "Dancing Queen"
    "Jar of Hearts"
    "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance"

10. What word does Brittany choose for Santana's t-shirt in the episode "Born This Way"'?
    'Can't Dance'
    'Likes Boys'
    'No Weave'

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Compiled Jun 28 12