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Fractured Proverbs

Created by Creedy

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Fractured Words
Fractured Proverbs game quiz
"Here are ten commonly used proverbs for you to work out. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Men Knee Huns Mike Late Walk
    Answer: (5 Words of 4,5,4,5,4 Letters)

2. Egg gnaw rants his bless
    Answer: (Three Words of 9, 2, 5 Letters)

3. Fore Gaffe Hand Fore Gate
    Answer: (Three Words of 7, 3, 6 Letters)

4. Gnaw Fang Van Chewed Gnaw Fang Gunned
    Answer: (Four Words of 7,8,7,6 Letters- no punctuation)

5. Wail Duh Cut His Aweigh Duh Mace Well Ply
    Answer: (9 Words 5,3,3,2,4,3,4,4,4 Letters- No punctuation)

6. Hub Cents Mikes Duh Hut Crow Fan Dare
    Answer: (6 Words of 7,5,3,5,4,6 Letters)

7. Wants Button Tweeze Shay
    Answer: (Four Words of 4,6,5,3 Letters- No punctuation)

8. Pan Nee Ways Pond Full Lash
    Answer: (Four Words of 5,4,5,7 Letters- No punctuation)

9. Huff Front Tin Knead His Huff Front Tin Died
    Answer: (8 Words 1,6,2,4,2,1,6,6)

10. Hay Pin Knee Safe Diss Hay Pin Knee Urned
    Answer: (7 Words of 1,5,5,2,1,5,6)

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Compiled Jun 28 12