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Life's a Beach!

Created by dcpddc478

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Lifes a Beach game quiz
"Here is a quiz on some of the earth's most unique beaches. Most of them sound like bucket list locations to me!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Located on the east coast of Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand is the unusual Hot Water Beach, which derives its name for which of the following reasons?
    Underground hot water springs that filter up through the sand
    The name comes from a Maori word "hottowera"
    Ocean temperatures are above 83 degrees year around
    It was used to smuggle illegal liquor or "firewater"

2. On which Pacific Island group would you find Kaihalulu Beach, famous for its isolation and its red sand beaches?
    Hawaiian Islands
    The Falkland Islands
    The Azores
    The Orkneys

3. Pink Sand Beach in The Bahamas derives its color from which of the following?
    Flamingo urine
    The pink hibiscus bushes surrounding the beach
    Pink dye is mixed into the sand by humans
    Pulverized coral and shells

4. Maho Beach on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten is a popular beach with tourist who come to watch what unusual happening?
    Airplanes landing
    Red Tide
    Turtles hatching
    Frequent water spouts

5. Hyams Beach in New South Wales , Australia is listed in the "Guinness Book of Records" for which of the following reasons?
    Most polluted beach in the world
    Whitest sand beach in the world
    Shallowest beach in the world
    It has the highest tides in the world

6. Beaches are only located on salt water shores.

7. To which Atlantic nation would I travel to if I wanted to visit the beautiful Vik Beach known for bad weather and its black sand?

8. Sandcut Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia has which of these unusual features?
    A waterfall
    Multiple shipwrecks on the beach
    Huge populations of elephant seals
    Bright yellow sand

9. There are two green sand beaches on the planet. One is found in Hawaii, and the other is found in which Pacific island nation?

10. Pfeiffer Beach is a beautiful purple sand beach located in Big Sur, California.

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Compiled Dec 19 13