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Fancy Scabbards

Created by dcpddc478

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Fancy Scabbards game quiz
"Today we have weapons of mass destruction. But what do you know about old weapons? Here are 10 questions about bladed weapons. Some are still used today, some are not."

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1. A katana is a beautiful bladed weapon often known by which of the following names?
    Samurai sword
    Russian rickshaw
    Bowie knife

2. The European style longsword had a very long hilt (handle) for which of the following reasons?
    For long reach while fighting on horseback
    So it could be held by two hands
    Because there was a small sword inside the hilt
    More room for decoration

3. Which one of the characters from "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien has a first name that is also a type of Spanish thrusting sword?
    Bilbo Baggins
    Thorin Oakenshield
    Gandalf the Grey
    Samwise Gamgee

4. Which of the following was the preferred blade weapon of pirates from the 15th to the 19th centuries?

5. What was unusual about the blade of a chakram, an old Indian bladed weapon?
    It had poison embedded in the tip
    It had teeth embedded with diamond dust
    It was round
    It was worn on the foot

6. Which of the following is a long, slender bladed sword used in 16th and 17th century Europe that featured a complex hilt for hand protection?

7. What part of a bladed weapon is known as a tang?
    The dull side of a single edged blade
    The part of the blade that is inside the grip or hilt
    The point at the end of the blade
    Decorative carving on the grip or hilt

8. Mr. Kristofferson might be able to tell you which of these is a type of sword with a wavy as opposed to a straight blade?

9. Aside from the cost, titanium is considered the very best metal with which to make a sword.

10. A scabbard has a long curved blade with a hook at the end for grabbing your opponent's weapon.

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Compiled Jun 28 12