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Created by dlbn

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LuxPain game quiz
""Lux-Pain" is an RPG (Role Playing Game) for the Nintendo DS. It follows the tale of Atsuki Saijo and his mission to destroy an evil force."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of the organization that Atsuki is a part of?

2. Which character has a blatant (obvious) crush on Atsuki?
    Rui Yamase
    Nola Döbereiner
    Natsuki Venefskuja
    Mika Noazaki

3. What is the name of the enemy parasite in the game?

4. What town does Atsuki live in during the game?
    Shanghai, China
    Tokyo, Japan
    Los Angeles, Califronia

5. Atsuki's teacher, Reiji Takano, is always testing the levels of something in the city. What is he checking the levels of?

6. One of Atsuki's classmates owns and runs a fortunetelling shop. Which classmate is this?
    Akira Mido
    Rui Yamase
    Ryo Unami
    Nami Kamishiro

7. Which character can talk to animals?
    Ryo Unami
    Yayoi Kamishiro
    Nami Kamishiro
    Mika Noazaki

8. A man named Yuzi owns a business where you can access the online bulletin board known as the BBS. What business is this?
    A library
    A computer store
    A bookstore
    An internet cafe

9. What area is 'Sweet Ring' located in?
    Area 5
    Area 7
    Area 1
    Area 3

10. Which character is not a member of Atsuki's organization?
    Akira Mido
    Ray Platiere
    Liu Yee
    Nola Dobreiner

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Compiled Jun 28 12