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Why Did I Say That?

Created by ojen

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Why Did I Say That game quiz
"There are many idioms and phrases we use every day without fully understanding their initial meaning or origin. Do this quiz and you will be able to answer the question, 'Why did I say that?'"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "Alive and kicking" means alert and active. Where did the phrase originate?
    From horses who will kick when frisky
    From being kicked by a tantruming child
    From the kick from a strong drink
    From fresh fish flapping in fishmonger's carts

2. Alice blue is a lovely pale blue color. Where did the name come from?
    From Alice in Wonderland
    From President Theodore Roosevelt's daughter, Alice
    From the color favored by American Romantic artist Alice Ball
    From the flower alyssum or sweet Alice

3. To have a rough or traumatic initiation into something is called a "baptism of fire". Where did the phrase originate?
    From exposure to gunfire in battle
    From a chef's first dish
    A reference to the fire of the Holy Spirit
    From a fire fighter's first day at work

4. To bravely face an adversary is to "beard the lion in his den." Where did this phrase originate?
    From two Biblical stories
    From the story of Androcles and the lion
    From Aesop's fable about the lion and the mouse.
    From an incident at Central Park Zoo

5. To treat someone in an unfair and an unjust way is to hit them "below the belt". Where did the phrase originate?
    From the traditions of medieval jousting
    From a reference to the constellation Orion's belt
    From Elizabethan dress code
    From the rules of boxing

6. To "bet your bottom dollar" is to bet all you have. Where did the phrase originate?
    From poker
    From Ancient Greek tax collecting lists
    From the bottom of your pockets
    From a pile of lottery tickets

7. If you are in a seemingly impossible predicament you are stuck between the "devil and the deep blue sea". Where did the phrase originate?
    From the navy - referring to planks on a ship's deck
    From a popular nineteenth century "penny dreadful'
    From the Bible
    A geographical term - from the Devil's Marbles

8. An important person is a "big wig". Where did the phrase originate?
    From the headwear of nobles and judges in the 18th century
    From the insect, the earwig
    From the wigs of important actors in Restoration comedy
    From a tradional English nursery rhyme

9. If you are cast out or ostracized by a group you are said to be "black balled". From what did the phrase originate?
    From a ritual used in Aztec sacrifice
    From the black ball used in billiards
    From the ballots used in 18th century men's clubs
    From the black ball in lawn bowls

10. A person who is in disgrace is called a "black sheep". Where did the phrase originate?
    From the problems farmers had with selling black wool
    From the problems of mating black sheep
    From a belief that black is the devil's color
    From the rhyme "Baa Baa Black Sheep"

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