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Mauritania: Moor Than a Feeling

Created by glendathecat

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Mauritania Moor Than a Feeling game quiz
"On the surface, Mauritania looks like sand, sand and more sand. You've probably no 'moor' than the vaguest feelings about the place. But do some digging and you'll discover this is a fascinating country with a rich heritage."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You sail into Mauritania's capital, Nouakchott. On which body of water is this located?
    Indian Ocean
    Southern Ocean
    Atlantic Ocean
    Mediterranean Sea

2. It might surprise you that Mauritania has a national rugby team. In the light of this fact, which colonial power, do you think, ruled the country prior to independence in 1960?
    The Netherlands

3. Most of Mauritania is desert. Therefore, in 2002, scientists were amazed to find the existence of an animal that is normally associated with water but which has learned to adapt and live without it for months at a time. Which of these animals was it?

4. At Chinguetti you will find something that is claimed to be the second oldest of its kind in continuous use anywhere in the world. What is it?
    A minaret
    A spinet
    A launderette
    A jumbo jet

5. What would you do if you found yourself in Mauritania's "Eye of Africa"?
    Dance in it - It's Mauritania's premier night club
    Admire it - It's a giant depression observable from space
    Rot to death - It's a notorious prison
    Let your camels drink - It's an oasis

6. There's about 2500 miles between Scotland and Mauritania but the name Ben Amera might suggest a connection to you. Who or what is Ben Amera?
    A Scottish born freedom fighter
    A giant monolith
    A lake monster with proven genetic links to Loch Ness
    Mauritania's official tartan

7. Do you want to buy a souvenir? If you do, you'll discover something unusual about your purchase. Which of these statements is true?
    There is no currency. Purchasing is through a bartering system.
    Mauritania is one of only two countries that do not use a decimal currency.
    Deflation is rampant which means the more you delay, the lower the price will be.
    All purchases have to be made using a credit card issued by the Mauritanian government.

8. Why might a young Mauritanian girl be forced into a daily diet of 2kg of millet and 20 litres of camel's milk?
    To ward off demons
    To make her more attractive for marriage in a country that prizes plumpness
    To reduce Mauritania's food mountain
    To support local farmers

9. In 2007, Messaoud Ould Boulkheir was elected as president of Mauritania's National Assembly. What was unusual about his election?
    He was dead
    He was a former slave
    He had already ruled Mauritania for 70 years
    "He" is really a "she"

10. Kediet ej Jill (915m), Mauritania's highest point, is formed from which rather unusual substance that might have you in a spin?

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Compiled Jul 16 12