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Auld Reekie: A Quiz About Edinburgh

Created by tartandisco

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Auld Reekie A Quiz About Edinburgh game quiz
"This quiz features aspects of Edinburgh's history, geography and personalities, all of which have had some bearing on the "outside world.""

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Old Calton Burial Ground is the last resting place of many well known Scottish figures including philosopher David Hume and publisher William Blackwood. Also, a statue of which American president lies among the tombstones?
    Abraham Lincoln
    William McKinley
    George Washington
    John F. Kennedy

2. What was, or is, the Edinburgh landmark known as the "Mound?"
    The Mound is all of these things
    The foundation for one of Britain's oldest financial institutions
    A gigantic pile of rubbish
    The most direct link between the Old and New Towns

3. Certain older Edinburgh churchyards have prominent watchtowers looking over them. What were these towers built to protect against?
    The robbery of valuables buried with the bodies of the rich
    Invaders from England
    Desecration of gravestones by militant religious dissenters
    The theft of newly-buried corpses for sale to anatomy teachers

4. Edinburgh University is one of the oldest in the UK, dating from 1583. It was one of five universities in Scotland during a period when England had only Oxford and Cambridge. Which American universities were founded by graduates of Scottish Universities, including Edinburgh?
    University of Pennsylvania
    All of these were founded by Scots
    William and Mary

5. Bruntsfield Links is a park in the middle of Edinburgh. It is one of the oldest known locations to be associated with one of Scotland's, and the world's, most popular pastimes. Which?

6. Which famous author studied medicine in Edinburgh, and later used the forensic knowledge acquired there to create one of literature's more famous detectives?
    Agatha Christie
    Georges Simenon
    G. K. Chesterton
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

7. Edinburgh now has several universities, but the "second" one, founded in 1821, is named for which two Scottish notables?
    George Heriot and James Watt
    James Astley and David Ainslie
    Daniel Stewart and Thomas Melville
    John Napier and Queen Margaret

8. The visit of King George IV to Edinburgh in 1822 was the first visit of a reigning monarch to Scotland since 1650. Which leading Scottish personality orchestrated the extravagantly "historical" celebrations, which sparked a mania for tartan and clan romance which has never really died down since?
    Lord Lyon, King of Arms
    The Duke of Argyll
    Sir Walter Scott
    Robert Burns

9. The Canongate Kirk is one of Edinburgh's oldest churches. Whose gravestone in the churchyard there inspired one of Charles Dickens's most notable characters?
    Davie Cooper Field
    Mr. Beadle Bumble
    Ebenezer Scroggie
    Wilkins McCawber

10. Edinburgh became famous in the 18th and 19th centuries as a centre for publishing and bookselling. A leading light of the Edinburgh book trade was Archibald Constable. Which of the following famous literary works did he publish?
    Encyclopaedia Britannica
    Scott's Waverley novels
    The Edinburgh Review
    He published all of them

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