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Who Would Wear This?

Created by Cymruambyth

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Who Would Wear This game quiz
"Shakespeare wrote (in 'Hamlet') "the apparel doth oft proclaim the man". That's especially true if the man (or woman) is wearing a uniform or some sort of ceremonial garb. From the clues given, can you identify the wearer or the item?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the next coronation, I am entitled to wear a crimson velvet robe trimmed with four bands of ermine on either side, and a gold coronet decorated with eight strawberry leaves. Which of these four am I?
    Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
    Her Majesty the Queen
    Prince Harry of Wales
    The Archbishop of Canterbury

2. The green beret is the headgear worn by a very tough soldier. Who wore the first green berets?
    Cadets at Sandhurst
    US special forces in Vietnam
    British Commandos in World War II
    The Irish Guards

3. You're walking down a street in New York and you meet a man wearing a fur-trimmed hat and a long black coat. What does his clothing tell you about him?
    He is a Busker
    He is a Hasid
    He is a Mason
    He is a Voodoo priest

4. You're in London for the Trooping of the Colour on the Queen's official birthday when you see a cavalry troop wearing helmets with white plumes. To which regiment do they belong?
    The Blues and Royals
    The Life Guards
    The Royal Welch Fusiliers
    The Scots Guards

5. Who wears a fustanella?
    A Corsican shopkeeper
    A Sardinian fisherman
    An Italian dancer
    A Greek soldier

6. He can't find his corbatin, and he can't go to work without it. What's his profession?
    Lion tamer
    Crow catcher
    Premier Danseur

7. Where would you wear your skean dhu?
    In your sock
    Under your shirt
    On your back
    In your pocket

8. What does the Phrygian cap signify?
    The wearer is a slave
    The wearer is a free man or woman
    The wearer is having a bad hair day
    The wearer plays polo

9. What is a cwcwll tal?

10. Who wears or wore the Kakars?
    Baptized Sikh men
    Mongolian horsemen
    Cossacks in Tsarist Russia

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