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"Six Wives of Henry VIII" 1 Catherine of Aragon

Created by valjoedg

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Six Wives of Henry VIII 1 Catherine of Aragon game quiz
"Catherine of Aragon comes to England, not to marry Henry but his brother."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Where did Henry VII and Arthur of Wales first meet Catherine?
    Richmond Palace
    A tent
    Greenwich Palace
    Tower of London

2. Who plotted with her brother in Flanders against Catherine?
    Maria de Salinas
    Dona Elvira
    Queen Juana

3. Following Arthur's premature death, Catherine called herself "Princess Catherine of Aragon".

4. Catherine: "I would rather die than go back to ______ unmarried. I would rather die!" Fill in the blank.
    Answer: (One Word - Country)

5. Who informed Catherine that the Henry VIII was coming to meet her?
    The King
    Princess Mary Duchess of Suffolk
    Duke of Suffolk
    Earl of Surrey

6. Who had expressed that Henry VIII and Catherine should be married?
    Margaret Beaufort
    No one
    Henry VII
    Dr. De Puebla

7. Henry VIII quoted Levictus in saying that his marriage to Catherine was unlawful.

8. Henry VIII: "I can bring a hundred ______ men to prove that you are not my wife!" Fill in the blank.
    Answer: (One Word - an adjective)

9. At the trial to test the validity of her marriage, Catherine made a speech and soon left. Who told her 'they' were calling for her?
    The Duke of Norfolk
    Princess Mary
    Maria de Salinas
    Henry VIII

10. What did Catherine send to Henry just after her death?
    A letter

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Compiled Jun 28 12