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Summer Olympic Games

Created by kazmarnica

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Summer Olympic Games game quiz
"A challenging quiz for the Olympic affectionado! Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the age of 15 this East German swimmer won three Gold medals at the 1980s Moscow Olympics (100m and 200m backstroke and 4x100m medley relay). She later retired due to complications arising from doping forced upon her by the East German authorities? Who was this swimmer?
    Ute Tauber
    Rica Reinisch
    Ina Kleber
    Petra Reidel

2. Which of the following countries failed to win a single gold medal at their home Olympic Games.
    Mexico 1968
    Belgium 1920
    Canada 1976
    Finland 1952

3. In which two Summer Olympic editions did Figure Skating appear as a sport?
    London 1908 & Antwerp 1920
    Antwerp 1920 & Paris 1924
    London 1908 & Stockholm 1912
    Stockholm 1912 & Paris 1924

4. Which female swimming star received notoriety by stealing the Olympic flag at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics which resulted in a 10 year ban; effectively ending her career?
    Dawn Fraser
    Tamara Press
    Elvīra Ozolina
    Shirley Strickland de la Hunty

5. In two summer Olympics, only 1 Individual Medley event was included in the swimming program. Which two Olympics?
    Munich 1972 and Montreal 1976
    Montreal 1976 and Moscow 1980
    Moscow 1980 and Los Angeles 1984
    Mexico City 1968 and Munich 1972

6. Who am I? I won the Gold medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympics in a throwing discipine at the age of 18. However four months later, I failed to make it to the final round of the Junior World Championships. On February 18, 2009 I passed away from a pulmonary embolism while at a training camp in Portugal. I was 26 years old. I am _____ .
    Ellina Zvereva
    Mihaela Melinte
    Kamila Skolimowska
    Olga Kuzenkova

7. Which city was originally selected to host of the 1908 Olympic Games, which were hosted by London?

8. Which country finished 4th on the medal table at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

9. After the completion of the last medals ceremony at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, which of these countries had won MORE gold medals at the Summer Olympics compared to the Winter Olympics?

10. Which of these countries boycotted four consecutive Olympics from 1976 to 1988?
    North Korea

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