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When We Were Young - Toys and Games

Created by Plodd

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When We Were Young  Toys and Games game quiz
"The Scrambled Eggheads team take a trip down memory lane and bring you a quiz on our favourite toys and games when we were kids."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This was a great, cost free game played in Australia. Three sticks were placed, initially one foot's length apart, on the ground. The spaces between got progressively larger and once you took more than three steps in between each stick, you were out. What was this flying game called in Oz?

2. This schoolyard activity involved one piece of equipment, sometimes two if we were more daring, and the group of us girls involved could often be heard chanting something about "Cinderella, dressed in yellow . . ." What were we doing with our recess time?
    Playing dodge ball
    Teeter tottering
    Jumping rope

3. Which favourite children's game included onesies, twosies, threesies, foursies, fivesies and so on up to tensies?

4. In playgrounds in Aussie primary schools we used to stand almost toe-to-toe and stretch out a clenched hand. What might this game be called?
    G'day mate

5. This game was a childhood favourite of mine. All you needed was a surface, chalk and a small token. It involved jumping on one or two feet.
Can you name this game?
    Double Dutch
    Tic -Tac-Toss
    London Calling

6. This outside activity had two lines of players that stood about thirty feet apart. The two lines faced each other with the players in each line joining hands. One side would yell to the other to send over a player, and that player would run as hard as possible hoping to break through at a pair of joined hands. What game were we playing?
    Mother, May I?
    Flying Dutchman
    Red Light, Green Light
    Red Rover

7. This game was played with a small round object which came attached in its centre to a long piece of string - can you guess it?
    Snakes and Ladders
    Cat's Cradle
    Spider Web

8. This was played by usually placing the object around your waist, but may be used on the limbs or neck. You then moved about keeping the object in place.
What was being played with?
    Sweetheart Chain
    Hula Hoop
    Chain Belt

9. The idea of this game was to vault over others. Other children would stoop over and allow somebody to jump over them. What was the game called?
    Leap Frog
    Vault Frog
    Jump Frog
    Hop Frog

10. In the early 70s, this toy consisted of two hard small plastic balls hanging down on two strings, and when you swung them up and down they made a loud noise. What was the name of these popular toys?

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Compiled Jun 21 13