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A Wales of a Tale

Created by beergirllaura

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Wales People
A Wales of a Tale game quiz
"Our little Green dragon from Wales - Nessa - has decided to drop in on a few of her famous neighbors. Lets fly along with her, and see who she visits!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Wings flapping closed, Nessa lands on a window sill, and peeks through the glass. Inside, a famous architect is at his desk, drawing up plans for another masterpiece like the Banqueting House, Whitehall, or the Queen's House, Greenwich. Who is this creative man?
    Christopher Wren
    Inigo Jones
    Frank Lloyd Wright
    John Webb

2. It's raining, so Nessa has swooped in through an open door, and is dripping all over a bolt of very colorful fabric. The table is piled high with Victorian-style headscarves - the signature product of a very talented woman. Do you know the name of this Welsh designer?
    Cynthia Rowley
    Patricia Field
    Laura Ashley
    Laura Bennett

3. Nessa is feeling cranky! She has gotten lost, twice, and the sound of laughter from the house below draws her attention. Landing on the front doorstep, she peers in, delighted to see she has actually found Neddie - the very man she was looking for! Can you guess which goon she has found?
    Benny Hill
    Harry Secombe
    Rowan Atkinson
    Harry Hill

4. Nessa is in awe! She has arrived at the home of the dashing man who penned 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom'. Pulling her rather worn copy out of her treasure sack, she knocks on the door. Whose autograph is she hoping to finally get?
    C.S. Lewis
    T.E. Lawrence
    D.H. Lawrence
    T.S. Eliot

5. Her claws clicking on the floor, Nessa tries to tip-toe quietly through a hallway lined with photographs of a Welsh actor. She gazes in admiration at the photo from 'Desert Rats', another from 'The Robe', and perhaps the best - a photo of him with Ava Gardner in 'The Night of the Iguana'. What leading man's house is she visiting?
    Timothy Dalton
    Anthony Hopkins
    Ray Milland
    Richard Burton

6. Nessa is not sure she has perched on the right roof - not until she leans over the chimney, and hears the powerful and distinctive voice singing 'Goldfinger'. Enchanted, as the singer switches to 'Moonraker', Nessa sighs and wonders how long her secret concert will last. Do you know what award-winning Welsh artist she is listening to?
    Gwyneth Jones
    Shirley Bassey
    Bonnie Tyler
    Margaret Price

7. Nessa is sure the house below is the one she is searching for. It looks absolutely poetic! It seems clear death has no dominion here, not on this good night. It is late, but can you see through the dying light whose home she is headed for?
    Matthew Arnold
    Alfred Tennyson
    Dylan Thomas
    Robert Browning

8. Nessa has to wade quickly through the green, green grass at this home, but she is determined to catch sight of one of her favorite singers! She can see a pussycat - which is not unusual - but where is the man she is hoping to see? More importantly, who is he?
    Tom Jones
    Engelbert Humperdinck
    Wayne Newton
    Perry Como

9. Nessa is shivering as she settles onto the timbers of her destination. She had almost expected a ship of the Spanish Main rather than a Monmouthshire house, but she is determined to catch a glimpse of this legendary pirate! Perhaps you have heard of him - he was once the governor of Jamaica - but can you remember his name?
    Edward Teach
    Charles Swan
    Richard Sawkins
    Henry Morgan

10. Nessa is hoping for a bit of chocolate - or a peachy treat - as she settles onto a window ledge, and peers in at a man scribbling about a big friendly giant. What famed writer do you suppose she has come to see?
    E.B. White
    Lewis Carroll
    Dodie Smith
    Roald Dahl

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Compiled Jun 28 12