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Vacation Destination: the Underworld!

Created by Lorvanwa

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Vacation Destination the Underworld game quiz
"Throughout history, cultures around the world have developed myths that include a journey to the underworld."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This Sumerian goddess of erotic love and fertility descended to the underworld to attend the burial rites of the Bull of Heaven, who had been killed by Gilgamesh. But her motives are doubted, and, as she passes the seven gates into the underworld, she is stripped of power until finally she arrives naked and powerless within the realm of the dead. There the Anna (seven judges) condemn her and she is stricken "dead" and hung from a hook. What is her name?

2. This Greek myth tells of a mortal girl born too beautiful. Her beauty makes even the goddess Aphrodite jealous, who decides that the girl should be cursed. The girl and Aphrodite's son, Eros, fall in love, at which Aphrodite is enraged. She instructs the girl to descend to the underworld and ask its queen for a portion of beauty to be placed in a box, to replace the beauty Aphrodite has lost from to the stress caused by the young girl. Who is the girl too beautiful for her own good?

3. A Hopi myth tells of a young boy from a village named Oraibi whose curiosity about Maski, the underworld, grew as he passed a graveyard each day on his way to pray to the sun. Finally he asks the sun to grant his prayer to visit Maski, and the sun appears to him in human form, giving him precise instructions so that he may journey to Maski and return safely. What is the name of this tale?
    How Sun Rescued Oraibi Boy from Deer Boy
    Song and Dance of the Oraibi Boy
    An Oraibi Boy's Visit to Maski, Home of the Dead
    Journey of Oraibi Boy and Sun

4. In this Norse (Viking) myth, Odin the "All-father" and ruler of the gods descends upon his steed into an underworld called Hel. He revives a dead volva (Viking soothsayer) who proves very informative and prophetic. The information Odin is provided concerns Ragnorak, a future battle entailing natural disasters and a global deluge that determines the ultimate fate of Midgard, earth. What initiated Odin's journey?
    Nightmares of the god Baldr
    No reason is given
    Meteor showers
    The hiding of the sun for three days

5. A Chinese myth of Daoist and Buddhist origin speaks of a certain government official who descends into "feng-du," the realm of the dead where numerous and varied levels of hell are housed. His decision to journey to such a place was made after years of a building curiosity concerning the nightly wailing and screaming that drift from feng-du into the land of the living. In the tale, what is his full title (rank and name)?
    Governor Kwoh
    Tax Collector Kwoh
    Emperor Kwoh
    Sheriff Kwoh

6. In his best known epic poem, Virgil recounts the story of a hero who is instructed by the gods to flee from Troy to Italy during the Trojan War, as he was destined to become ancestor and first king of the Romans. During the flight he must descend to the realm of Hades to speak with his father. While there, he receives a grand prophetic vision of the future Roman Empire. What is his name?

7. A myth from the Chinese Buddhist traditions tells of a disciple of Buddha who wishes to rescue his mother, Lady Leek Stem, from the torments of the underworld, Naraka. Lady Leek Stem had been given money by her son to give to begging monks. She failed to do so, and lied to her son about it. After she died she reincarnated within the realm of Naraka (in Buddhism, humans are not sent to hell, rather they reincarnate there). The son reaches a level of enlightenment that allows him to know of his mother's fate, so he journeys into Naraka and rescues her. What is his name?
    It is unknown

8. This Medieval European story recounts Dante's journey to the Inferno (hell), and later to Purgatory and Heaven. During the journey within the Inferno, Dante passes through several regions, or rings, that divide the underworld into sections based on relative sin and type of punishment. In the final ring, Dante encounters Lucifer in all his horror. What is the name of Dante's guide?

9. Egyptian mythology tells of the god Osiris, who was in ancient days the king of Egypt. Osiris' brother, Set, was jealous of the respect garnered by Osiris, so Set transformed into a vicious monster and killed Osiris, chopping up and spreading his body far and wide. Osiris' wife and sister, Isis, mourned greatly, and, with the help of her sister (Set's wife) she collected Osiris' body and revived him, so they could bear a child. After this Osiris descended into the underworld to become what?
    Reborn as his son
    The god of the moon and stars
    At peace with fate
    Lord of the underworld

10. The legends of King Arthur are infused with both early Christian and Celtic traditions. A perfect example is the poem "The Spoils of Annwn," which tells of Arthur descending to the realm of the dead, Annwn, to procure a mystical cauldron that brings treasure and miracles to its possessor. Entering Annwn from Avalon (Isle of faeries), Arthur and his knights must break into the fortress of the faeries to steal the cauldron. Who is the leader of the faeries, and the guardian of portals into Annwn?
    Gwyn ap Nudd
    Morgan le Fey

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