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The Summer of "Stand By Me"

Created by HannahConner88

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The Summer of Stand By Me game quiz
"A quiz about my all time favorite movie: "Stand By Me"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In what town does the story take place?
    Castle Rock
    Hill Valley
    Cabot Cove
    Silver Creek

2. What should one know to enter the tree house?
    Secret knock
    Secret handshake
    Secret password
    Secret entrance

3. In the tree house, which boy informs the others about the body of Ray Brower?

4. What does Gordie go into Denny's room to get?
    Sleeping bag

5. What restaurant are Gordie and Chris standing outside of when the gun goes off?
    The Frosty Palace
    Lou's Cafe
    Cloud 9
    Blue Point Diner

6. What did Vern do so he could find the pennies he buried?
    Left a trail of beans
    Marked the location with a stick
    Drew a treasure map

7. What was Ray Brower doing the day he went missing?
    Picking blueberries
    Catching lightning bugs in a jar

8. What one thing does the adult Gordie say he kept to himself?
    Feeling responsible for Denny's death
    Kissing Lenora Logan
    Finding Ray Brower's pendant
    Seeing the deer

9. Which boy is the first to spot Ray Brower's body?

10. Teddy says he should get home before what happens?
    He winds up on a milk carton
    His mom puts him on the 10 Most Wanted List
    His mom hires a Private Detective
    He winds up on a missing poster

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Compiled Jun 28 12