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'Tomorrow' Series

Created by tomorrowfan123

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Marsden, John
Tomorrow Series game quiz
"This is a quiz on my fav series of books. Enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 'Tomorrow When the War Began', who are the two people who get shot?
    Ellie and Lee
    Lee and Corrie
    Robyn and Chris
    Fi and Kevin

2. In The 'Dead of the Night', whose street did they blow up?

3. In 'Third Day, The Frost', who do they find and who died?
    Chris and Corrie
    Kevin and Robyn
    Homer and Lee
    Robyn and Chris

4. In 'Darkness, Be My Friend', what did they try to blow up but failed to?
    The Heron Bridge
    Wirrawee Airfield
    Cobblers Bay
    Turner Street

5. In 'Burning for Revenge', who did Lee secretly see almost every night?
    Major Harvey

6. In 'The Night is for Hunting', what are the names of the five kids that they rescue?
    Gavin, Darina, Casey, Jack and Natalie.
    Gavin, Darina, Casey, Jake and Cat
    Gary, Daniella, Casey, Jack and Natalie.
    Gavin, Darina, Kasey, Jake and Maddie

7. In 'The Other Side of Dawn', which kid got left behind when the helicopter took some of the kids away to New Zealand?

8. Who dies at the end of 'The Dead of the Night'?

9. In which book does Ellie get shot in the leg?
    Third Day, The Frost
    The Other Side of Dawn
    Tomorrow When the War Began
    Burning for Revenge

10. In 'Third Day, The Frost', what was one of Fi's injuries?
    cracked collar bone
    broken arm
    cracked vertebrae
    cracked skull

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Compiled Jun 28 12