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Magical Creatures in Harry Potter


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Magical Creatures in Harry Potter game quiz
"There are many interesting witches and wizards in JK Rowling's Magical World, but what about the creatures? No, not cats or dogs, but magical beasts that bring Harry Potter to life! Have fun answering some easy, and not so easy questions!"

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1. When students are new to Hogwarts, they can bring one of three pets with them. Which three pets can they bring?
    Mice, Snakes, Owls
    Cats, Snakes, Owls
    Cats, Toads, Owls
    Mice, Toads, Parrots

2. How do dementors reproduce?
    Dementors do not reproduce.
    They reproduce like anything else.
    They grow, like plants, in cold, damp places.
    They split apart from another dementor.

3. Fawkes, Dumbledore's pet Phoenix, helps people a lot during the series. Which one of these events does NOT happen?
    Fawkes brings Harry the Sword of Gryffindor in the Chamber of Secrets in Book 2.
    Fawkes rescues Harry from Voldemort in Book 4.
    Fawkes blinds the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets in Book 2.
    Fawkes helps Dumbledore escape from the Aurors in Book 5.

4. In Book 1, Harry and friends take down a mountain troll with its own club. How tall was the troll, which was said to be fully-grown?
    8 feet tall
    20 feet tall
    10 feet tall
    12 feet tall

5. In Book 5, which creature do Harry and friends use to get to the Ministry of Magic to rescue Sirius?

6. In Book 4, Hagrid teaches his class about Unicorns. At which age do Unicorns turn pure white?
    7 years old.
    2 years old.
    4 years old.
    They are born white.

7. In Book 3, which one of these does Hermione's Boggart turn into?
    Professor McGonagall telling her she had failed everything.
    Ron kissing another girl.
    A giant spider.

8. In Book 4, one of these House-Elves becomes an alcoholic. Which one is it?

9. Which one of these Centaurs taught Divination at Hogwarts?

10. Which one of these owls is owned by Percy Weasley?

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